Biography of Deepak Bajaj | Deepak Bajaj Biography, Jivani, Family, Education, Career , YouTube Income, Life Style, Net Worth

In today’s post, we are going to tell you about the life introduction of Deepak Bajaj, in this post we will tell you about the introduction of Deepak Bajaj Biography, Jivani, Family, Education, Career , YouTube Income, Life Style, Net Worth . Will let you know in the post.

Deepak Bajaj is a Motivational Speaker, Business & Entrepreneurship Trainer, and YouTube Content Creator. He is also the author of several self-help and business books. He mainly trains people associated with the business of MLM (Multi-Level Marketing)/ Direct Selling. He also offers many paid video courses on his website to teach people about MLM business and marketing lessons.

He started making videos on Youtube form July 2018 and at present his channel has more than 650K+ subscribers. Deepak Bajaj was born and brought up in New Delhi, India on 6th June 1980. He is 41 years old as of 2021.

Deepak Bajaj Biography, Jivani, Family, Education, Career , YouTube Income, Life Style, Net Worth
Deepak Bajaj Biography, Jivani, Family, Education, Career , YouTube Income, Life Style, Net Worth

Deepak Bajaj Biography And Wiki

NameDeepak Bajaj
Birth6th June 1980
birth placeHaryana
Ages41 years (2021)
MoneyMotivational Speaker, Business & Entrepreneurship Trainer, and YouTube Content Creator
Hobbybook reading, walking
School Delhi Public School
collageT A Pai Management Institute (TAPMI)
FatherRajesh Bajaj
MotherAnila Bajaj
marital statusmatrimonial
WifeTanima Bajaj
Childrencapable, fearless, admired
AwardBest Direct Selling Trainer of 2020, Best selling author
Earnings month4 to 7 lakhs
current residenceNew Delhi, India

Deepak Bajaj Social media Accout

20210602 173312
Social Media NameUser IDFollowers
Instagram @coachdeepak200k followers
FaceBook@coachdeepak75k followers
YouTubeDEEPAK BAJAJ646k Subscribes
Twitter@coachdeepak_1230 Followers

Deepak Bajaj Biography

Deepak Bajaj is the 1st best selling motivational speaker, break through trainer and high performance coach. Deepak Bajaj started his career with Direct Selling i.e. Network Marketing in the year 2007 and before that Deepak was an active manager in Bajaj TVs, he resigned from a big job to build his business and then worked in Network Marketing Company. Started doing this, only after working very hard in the initial 8 months, Deepak got a huge success in life and a chance to live a luxurious lifestyle. 

Deepak Bajaj is currently teaching network marketing training to many people and the path of success to move forward Deepak Bajaj is a best selling author, his book written on network marketing is Network Marketing Millionaire, which is always on the top position in Google. . 

Today Deepak Bajaj is not only a name but a brand in itself, he has achieved this success despite a lot of hard work. Today millions of people like to listen and watch Deepak Bajaj Deepak Bajaj has changed with the times and always kept updated.  

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Deepak Bajaj has written many books, reading which you can go very close to success in your life, apart from this, recently Deepak Bajaj has written another new book called Social Media Millionaire which has just arrived on Flipkart and Amazon. 

In today’s post, we will tell you about Deepak Bajaj ‘s biography, lifestyle, family and struggle for success, as well as we will also tell you about his car collection and Deepak Bajaj net worth.  

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Deepak Bajaj Birth, Place, Family, Education

Deepak Bajaj was born on 6 June 1980 in Jatusana village of Haryana state. Deepak Bajaj is 41 years old as of 2021 Deepak Bajaj’s family, including his parents wife and 10 members, lives in a joint family 

Deepak Bajaj ‘s father’s name is Rajesh Bajaj mother’s name is Anila Bajaj Deepak Bajaj is married. And his wife’s name is Tanima Bajaj, Deepak Bajaj also has 3 sons whose names are capable, fearless and praise.  

Deepak Bajaj completed his primary education from Government School and after that completed his college studies B.Com from Government National College Sirsa and completed his management studies from TA Pai Management Institute. Deepak Bajaj completed his education in 2003 under education loan. 

Deepak Bajaj is very fond of reading, writing, marathon adventure sports and traveling abroad Deepak Bajaj has so far traveled to 25 countries with his family. 

Deepak Bajaj net worth In rupees

Deepak Bajaj earned crores of rupees from network marketing business in his life and he lived his luxury lifestyle. Earned a lot of money from network marketing business in Deepak Bajaj and gave a luxury life for himself and his family. 

 Deepak Bajaj ‘s net worth is in crores of rupees today, apart from this he earns more than 4 to ₹ 700000 every month. 

Deepak Bajaj car collection

Deepak Bajaj has many expensive vehicles, they have many vehicles ranging from Mercedes to BMW. 

Contact Details Deepak Bajaj

Phone Number+91 099905 55038
Whatsaap number+91 099905 55038
Email[email protected]
House AddressNew Delhi, India
Manager Name 
Manager Mobile Number8377800029
official website 


  • Deepak Bajaj gained huge popularity as a motivational speaker and business coach, currently, he is considered as one of the top motivational speakers in India.
  • He is the author of Bestselling books like ‘Achieve More, Succeed Faster, ‘Be a Network Marketing Millionaire’. His books are cosider among the world’s Top 20 Business Self help books on Amazon.
  • He also makes Business & Entrepreneurship Trainer, personality Development, Network Marketing related content in his youtube channel which has 650K+ subscribers.
Commonly Asked Questions About Deepak Bajaj
  • Who is Deepak Bajaj and why he is popular?
    • He is a Professional Business & Entrepreneurship Trainer, personality Development, Network Marketing coach. He is popular because he makes videos on YouTube which are liked by millions.  
  • What is the net worth of him?
    • His approximate net-worth is 90 Lakh rupees and his monthly earning lies between 3 Lakh to 5 lakh rupees.
  • What are the future plans of him?
    • He will continue working as a Business & Entrepreneurship Trainer, personality Development, Network Marketing coach.
  • Is there any controversy associated with her?
    • He is associated with the network marketing business, which is considered one of the most controversial works due to the many previous scams and frauds associated with this business.

Deepak Bajaj Career Journey

Growing up momentarily in a small village to reach the top of the country’s network marketing industry and emerging as the number one expert in this field, Deepak Bajaj started his career with a lot of struggles, Deepak Bajaj with lofty intentions, faith, patience and hard work. Together they achieved this position, where we see them today. 

 Deepak Bajaj somehow completed his studies from government school and completed his management studies on education loan, after that Deepak Bajaj started working in TVS Motors under campus placement, they are in different places in many different states. Had to work in different positions where he has achieved many records in the company by doing good work. He was promoted to the post of Regional Manager of Chandigarh Punjab Jammu Kashmir at the age of only 25, there were very few people in the company who got this post, who were of this age, they set many records in this company. 

oday in this article we are going to share Deepak Bajaj’s Network Marketing Quote which will know all Hindi. Before this we get to know a little about Deepak Bajaj ji .Deepak Bajaj is a bestselling author, motivational speaker, breakthrough trainer and high performance coach. When Deepak started network marketing in 2007, he was a regional manager in an MNC. He resigned from his job to start his own business, and in a really short span of time, achieved great success and a lavish lifestyle. Deepak devotes most of his time to his ever-growing business empire. He has coached over 7 lakh people in the last 16 years and his videos on social media are viewed over 3 million times every month globally .


Distributors multiply the workload and customers provide stability and a long pipeline of quality distributors. –

Deepak Bajaj

The people you’ve been hesitant to meet today will thank you in a few months because you put their names on your to-do list. –

Deepak Bajaj

Prosperity is just a participant away from you. –

Deepak Bajaj

It does not matter who is giving the plan, it does matter to whom the plan is being given. – Deepak Bajaj

Deepak Bajaj

All great network marketers are great storytellers. –

Deepak Bajaj

Selling is very easy. It is the transfer of your faith and feelings to another person. –

Deepak Bajaj

In network marketing, your work does not end when the sales are done, but your real work starts only after the sales come. In fact, this is what separates network marketing from selling. 

Deepak Bajaj

Not just the system, but the amount of trust you have in the system brings extraordinary results. –

Deepak Bajaj

To get the things that 1% of the world’s people are enjoying, do what 1% of the people are doing. –

Deepak Bajaj

It matters a lot how big you dream, but more importantly, how long you keep your dreams alive. –

Deepak Bajaj

Why wait for the rest of your life for what can be achieved by working now –

Deepak Bajaj

Do whatever needs to be done, and then do a little more than that. –

Deepak Bajaj

Your job is not just to sponsor people. Your job is to turn one person into a team. –

Deepak Bajaj

Sponsoring a person is the first step in this business, what you do after that will determine how far you will go in this business. –

Deepak Bajaj

Everyone starts work with enthusiasm. Let them get some achievement done before their enthusiasm cools down a bit. –

Deepak Bajaj

Looking at your list will not make you rich and famous, for that you will have to turn the list into meetings and teams.

Deepak Bajaj

Everything we do in this business is aimed at reaching people who will take full responsibility of this business and their lives.

Deepak Bajaj

The sustainability of your team’s business is directly related to the number of locations your team does business in.

Deepak Bajaj

Speed ​​is a network marketer’s best friend. Use it to shine and establish your leadership. 

Deepak Bajaj

When you become successful then you should do all the other things by which you have reached here and now you become a role model. 

Deepak Bajaj

Started in Deepak Bajaj Network Marketing Company

First of all, Deepak Bajaj was told about network marketing by an unknown person in 2006 but was not completely satisfied with him, so he refused. Exactly 13 months after this, in 2007, Deepak Bajaj went to attend a network marketing event, in that event,

Deepak Bajaj was so motivated and he joined the network marketing company, he wanted to be very successful in this business but his work Because of that he was not able to give it time. 

 After this, Deepak Bajaj talked to his upline and prepared a 90-day action plan and in these 90 days, Deepak Bajaj did what no one else in the network marketing company did. After 90 days, Deepak Bajaj had become the biggest leader to achieve his company’s record in the whole of North India and after that Deepak Bajaj resigned from TVS Motor. 

Deepak Bajaj was the top performer of the network marketing company but he did not know how to achieve huge success in the network marketing business, but there was no support system to build his team, so his entire team got scattered. After this Deepak Bajaj’s family had to face many challenges. But Deepak did not give up on Bajaj and started thinking of ways to work in it in a new way. 

Deepak got his own education in Bajaj and from many big network marketing leaders and started using them in his business, which made him a huge success over time. Deepak Bajaj earned crores of rupees from network marketing business and enjoying a super luxury lifestyle Deepak Bajaj recently traveled to 25 countries with his entire family and enjoyed there. 

Today Deepak Bajaj is working to change the lives of millions of people through his YouTube channel and live programs across India Deepak Bajaj is known as India’s number one network marketing specialist, best selling author, many of his books today Amazon Flipkart Through these people can earn knowledge for success in their life.  

At present, Deepak Bajaj , through his YouTube channel, tells people how to achieve great success in the network marketing business and he has many pad courses through which he is training many network marketing leaders of India.  

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