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Biography of Elon Musk Biography of Elon musk: Hello Friends, in another fantastic Motivational Series article, in this article today I am going to tell you about a person who is the real-life Iron-man , Risk-taker , Innovator & One of the Famous. Adventures is the Bushiness Man . 

Today, in this article, you  will also know some such strange and poor stories of his life  . Today, 21st is considered the most powerful person on this earth. We’re talking about Elon Musk, in this article you biography Musk Elon ( Biography Of Elon Musk In Hindi learn about).

Biography of Elon Musk Biography of Elon musk
Biography of Elon Musk Biography of Elon musk

Biography of Elon Musk Biography of elon musk 

Alan Musk born AND About Elon Musk Biography In Hindi

Full NameElon Musk
Date Of Birth28 June 1971
Birth PalacePretoria , Transvaal, South Africa
Age51 years
HometownBel Aires , Los Angeles, California, United States
Rashi (Star Sign)Cancer
Schoolnot known
College/UniversityQueen’s University and University of Pennsylvania
EducationBS and BA Degree
OccupationEntrepreneur , Engineer, Inventor, and Investor
NationalitySouth Africa ( 1971–present Canada ( 1989–present) United States ( 2002–present)  
Religionnot known
Marital StatusYes
Networth26,730 crores USD

Far-Sighted, futuristic, is a South-Canadian man with Barrier Free Thinking. People like Elon Musk are born in about two hundred years. Elon Musk is the one who knows how to control the future.

Since childhood, at the age of 10, he had read so many books that even a graduate could not study. At the age of 12, he made a game called a Blaster from a computer at home and sold it to an online company for 500 US $. 

He said that the problem is not the biggest problem, rather it is a big problem to find his solution, so if someone inside his company comes and says that it cannot be done, that day was his last day. 

They used to say that there must be a think how it will happen The world speaks Failure is not the option but what they believe is Failure is the option. This is his thoughts. 

Today he is considered the 21 most powerful person on earth, he is a Self Taught Programmer and a Rocket Scientist. He did not take the formal education of Rocket Scientist. After reading these books, they understood the whole Rocket Science. These books were insects in childhood. In the childhood of reading books, a Deep Vision created an obsession, Persistence to change the Earth. 

They believe that if it is to do extraordinary things with the team, then it is important to be team powerful. Hire the right guy at first. 

Whole childhood 10–10 12–12 15–15 hours, sitting in the house alone, studying, they have removed 7 days of work for a lifetime. Worked 15 15 hours a day. Having unreasonable, un-compromised Expectations by himself. He would keep excepting from himself what no one could do, I would do it, he used to say that I should not do what can be done. I want to do what I want to do. Elon Musk said I don’t expect to do what i is possible. I want to do what is needed to be done. 

  • His list of world class companies includes Zip 2, X.Com, Paypal, SpaceX, Tesla, SolorCity, Hyperloop, OpenAI, Neuralink, The Bring Company 

Of which SpaceX, Hyperloop, Tesla, Solarcity are being discussed all over the world. 

  • Elon Musk did not have any friends during school. Elon Musk used to get very upset during schooling. One day some children of his school beat him so much that he fell unconscious and then had to be admitted to the hospital. 

It takes about 6 months for any normal person to learn to program, but there was something special in them since childhood. When Elon Musk got his own computer and got a computer programming book with him, he read that book in just three days at the age of 9 and used that programming to design a game at the age of 12. Also sold to Video Gaming Company. 

Elon Musk’s childhood is full of such strange and poor stories. It is said that people have photography memory with Elon Musk, that is, once they see something, they remember it. You must have heard this thing, Elon Musk was used to Booly very much because of this he had no friends and therefore he used to spend most of his time in reading books. 

He used to read 15 15 hours at the age of seven. As a child, he used to get lost in thinking while talking to someone. Due to which his parents felt that Elon Musk could not hear properly, due to which his ear operation was also done but even after that there was no difference. Then they come to know that their Focus Level is so high, if they are thinking something, then the voices near them are not heard. By the way, Elon Musk was Innovative as well as Business-minded since childhood, otherwise which child thinks of making and selling his own product. 

Inspiring thoughts

  • Here failure an option is . If things fail not happen to you , so you better innovate not able to
  • If something very important is , so even if things do against what , then also you will have to look for .
  • Pay – Pal and get time , I thought : ‘ Good ! And what of the problems we have with humanity ‘s future to affect to the most more likely to have ? ‘ I have this vision of not thought that , money making is the best way to do that ?
  • The first step it is to have that one thing may have ; His likely occur will
  • you that the best thing to make you have to make to the more rigid to be like that . Add that every one thing Explore the wrong is , and it just crawl . Negative feedback take , especially friends with .
  • A single basket for all eggs to fix the time to be you this control to enable the basket for what would have .
  • strongly very important to have . You then to give no heed should unless of you losing followers in order to force it to be .
  • Business start to and to grow to as much as him, to which people of innovation , drive and Ditrrmineshn ‘s about to do as that which those products sell to him about in the .

What is the secret of Musk’s success?

Elon Musk was asked by BBC correspondent Justin Rowlatt in an interview, ‘What is the secret of your success?’ And the answer that Rowlett understood is: ‘Elon Musk’s ‘attitude’ towards business means his different view of business and his work.’

In this interview a few years ago, Musk said, “I don’t know how much wealth I have. It’s not like there are bundles of notes lying around. It should look like Tesla, Space-X and Solar.” I have a stake in Citi and that market share has some value. But it doesn’t really matter to me because that’s not the goal of my work.”

Rowlatt writes that ‘this approach of Musk is probably working. In the amount of wealth they have today, if they want, they can buy many big car manufacturers of the world together. He will turn 50 this year, but as a ‘wealthy man’ he has no dream to say goodbye to the world.

Alan Musk (Elon Musk) of marital Elon Musk Wife, Children

Elon Musk married Justin Bilson in 2000, they have five children. But in 2008, Justin and Elon got divorced. After that he married Talula Riyal in 2010, but this marriage also did not last long and they got divorced in 2012. You will be surprised that in 2013, Elon Musk got married once again to Talula Riyal in 2013 and they got divorced again in 2016.

first wife’s name  Justin Bilson (divorce)
second wife’s nameTalula Riyal (Divorce)

Elon Musk is currently the CEO of these companies

Company NamesTitle
Tesla Inc.CEO
Solar CityChairman
OPEN AICo- Chairman

Childhood elon musk 

Elon Musk was born on 28 June 1971 in the city of Pretoria, South Africa. His father’s name was Erol Musk. His father was an Electro-mechanical Engineer as well as a Pilot. His mother’s name was May Musk, who was a Model & Dietitian.  

Education of Elon Musk 

He completed his Graduation from Queen University at the age of 17 and after studying for two years, he was transferred to University of Pennsylvania, where he took a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics in 1992. In 1995, Elon Musk went to California Shift to Phd but left his studies for research there and moved on to become a successful Entrepreneur.


Zip2 Corporation

Musk launched his first company, Zip2 Corporation, in 1995 with his brother, Kimbal Musk. An online city guide, Zip2 was soon providing content for the new websites of both The New York Times and the Chicago Tribune. In 1999, a division of Compaq Computer Corporation bought Zip2 for $307 million in cash and $34 million in stock options.


In 1999, Elon and Kimbal Musk used the money from their sale of Zip2 to found, an online financial services/payments company. An acquisition the following year led to the creation of PayPal as it is known today.

In October 2002, Musk earned his first billion when PayPal was acquired by eBay for $1.5 billion in stock. Before the sale, Musk owned 11 percent of PayPal stock.


Musk founded his third company, Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, or SpaceX, in 2002 with the intention of building spacecraft for commercial space travel. By 2008, SpaceX was well established, and NASA awarded the company the contract to handle cargo transport for the International Space Station—with plans for astronaut transport in the future—in a move to replace NASA’s own space shuttle missions

addiction to work

एलन मस्क को क़रीब से जानने वाले कहते हैं कि उन्हें काम करने की लत है. टेस्ला मॉडल-3 को तैयार करते समय उन्होंने कहा था कि ‘वे हफ़्ते में 120 घंटे काम करते हैं और उसमें उन्हें मज़ा आता है.’

कोरोना महामारी के दौरान जब सैन फ़्रांसिस्को स्थित उनकी फ़ैक्ट्री को बंद करना पड़ा, तो लॉकडाउन के प्रतिबंधों के ख़िलाफ़ एलन मस्क खुलकर बोले. उन्होंने कहा, ‘जो लोग महामारी का हौवा बना रहे हैं, वो बेवक़ूफ़ हैं.’ उन्होंने घर में रहने के आदेशों को ‘ज़बरदस्ती’ बताया और कहा कि ‘कोविड लॉकडाउन संवैधानिक अधिकारों के ख़िलाफ़ है.’

महामारी के दौरान ही एलन मस्क के घर बेटे का जन्म हुआ. इस मौक़े पर उन्होंने ट्विटर के ज़रिये दुनिया को बताया कि उन्होंने बेटे का नाम X Æ A-12 रखा है.

Some believe that Elon Musk’s mind cannot be read and that his behavior is difficult to predict. But it doesn’t seem to have any effect on his work. As an entrepreneur, he is a visionary person.

In September 2020, he said that ‘soon all his company’s cars will be self-driving.’ They also intend to bring affordable electric cars in the next three years.


Carrier of elon musk 

In 1995, Elon Musk started a company called ZIP 2 with his brother. Later, the Compact Company bought it with a huge sum of 307 Million and after selling it, Elon Musk got some $ 22 Million from his 7% share from ZIP 2. And then by investing this money in 1999, he started a company named X.COM which became a company offering financial services. 

Then in 1999, X.COM Confinity merged with the company, and later PayPal became the name of the company that everyone knows today. Later it was also bought by EBAY and after selling it, Elon Musk received about $ 165 million. 

ZIP 2, after X.COM, Elon Musk launched a third company called SpaceX. Elon Musk wanted humans to be able to move to other planets other than Earth, starting with Mars. 

For which he went to Russia to buy Rocket. They got Proposal there, they thought it would be $ 8 million. They started thinking about Negotiate is too much. When they started trying to Negotiate, their project was rejected, they went back and came back and started thinking why I would not make this company. For this, he started reading and studying, created the SpaceX company and then he made Reusable Rocket and when he launched Rocket, the engine of Rocket caught fire, due to which he suffered a lot. 

He again launched Rocket for the second time but went to Rocket Space but he could not reach Orbit and for the third time he went out of Rute as soon as he went to Space. In three times, they lost so much money, all the money they got from the company was submerged. Elon Musk sold his house bar and went on rent and, with that money and some debt, launched Rocket again for the last time and this time they became successful. NASA also gave him a $ 1.5 billion project and said you should work for us.  

People know me as an engineer

Musk wants people to know him more as an engineer than as an investor. In an interview with Rowlatt, he said, “I wake up every morning to find a solution to a new technical problem. I don’t consider success a measure of how much money is in the bank.”

Rowlett writes that “Musk wants to revolutionize the car industry, he wants to colonize Mars, run super-fast trains that run in vacuum tunnels, integrate AI with human brains, and want to run the world on solar power. All of these things have one thing in common, that the kind of futuristic fantasies you’d find in children’s magazines in the early 1980s. And it’s no secret that Musk’s Childhood was spent in South Africa reading a lot of magazines, books and watching movies.”

Musk does not believe in the slow pace of change. They want to leave fossil fuels behind as soon as possible. At the same time, they are in favor of developing a colony on Mars to keep the existence of humanity for a long time.

Personal Life
Date of BirthJune 28, 1971
Age (as of 2020)49 Years
BirthplacePretoria, Transvaal, South Africa
Zodiac signCancer
NationalityAmerican [1]
HometownPretoria, Transvaal, South Africa
School• Waterkloof House Preparatory School
• Bryanston High School
• Pretoria Boys High School
College/University• Queen’s University
• University of Pennsylvania
• Stanford University, California
Educational Qualification(s)• Bachelor of Science in Economics from University of Pennsylvania
• Bachelor of Science in Physics from University of Pennsylvania
• PhD in Energy Physics from Stanford University, California (Dropped Out)
Ethnicity/Race• South African (from his father’s side)
• Canadian (from his mother’s side)
• British (from his grandmother’s side)
• He also has Pennsylvania Dutch ancestry [2]
Food HabitNon-Vegetarian
Political InclinationHe considers himself a half Republican and a half Democrate [3]
HobbiesReading, Playing Video Games, Travelling
Awards, Honours, Achievements2007: For his work on Tesla and SpaceX, he was awarded Inc Magazine Entrepreneur of the Year award
2008: Elon was awarded American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics George Low award for his enormous contribution for space transportation in 2007/2008
2008: Awarded National Wildlife Federation 2008 National Conservation Achievement award for SolarCity and Tesla
2009: National Space Society’s Von Braun Trophy
2010: Awarded the FAI Gold Space Medal (highest award in air and space), for designing the 1st privately developed rocket to reach orbit by the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale
2010: The Kitty Hawk Foundation recognized him as a Living Legend of Aviation in 2010
2011: Elom was awarded with $250,000 Heinlein Prize for Advances in Space Commercialization
2012: Awarded the ‘a Gold Medal’ (Royal Aeronautical Society’s highest award)
2015: Awarded IEEE Honorary Membership
2018: Appointed as a Fellow of the Royal Society (FRS)
Controversies• Elon Musk’s tweet “A little red wine, vintage record, some Ambien … and magic!” got him a lot of media attention since it was a dangerous drug combination that he had mention publicly on his social media.
• In 2018, Musk’s mini-submarine was dismissed considering it a ‘PR Stunt’ by many including the diver who saved the 12 boys from the cave in Thailand, Elon’s another tweet landed him in a controversy. He called the British Diver a “pedo guy” in his tweet. Tesla’s shares fell 4% after the public found his behavior erratic. Thereafter Elon was asked to apologize by the Tesla investors. The diver filed a legal lawsuit against Musk demanding $75,000 in damages.
• Musk considers Artificial Intelligence as the most dangerous threat to the human race. His warnings for Artificial Intelligence was entitled as ‘Irresponsible’ by Mark Zuckerberg. To which Elon stated Zuckerberg has a very limited understanding of ‘AI’.
• In September 2018, Elon was accused with security fraud charges by the Securities and Exchange Commission. However, the board of Directors of Tesla stated that they believe in the work ethics of Musk and added, “fully confident in Elon, his integrity, and his leadership of the company.” After the Directors tried to make a settlement with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Elon gave an ultimatum to Tesla that he would quit as the CEO of Tesla if any settlement was made. The case is yet to be resolved.


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