Biography of Manoj Saru? What is the story of Manoj Saru?

Hello friends, welcome to another series of Motivational Stories, in this article today we are going to talk about Manoj Saru, who is Manoj Saru? 

What is the story of Manoj Saru, how you are earning lakhs of rupees monthly from YouTube and blogging today, I am giving all this information in this article, I hope that this article  Biography of Manoj Saru in Hindi? Motivate you a lot, so let’s start. 

Biography of Manoj Saru? What is the story of Manoj Saru

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Manoj Saru is an Indian tech YouTuber and blogger. He has a YouTube channel named Technology Gyan and has over 10 million subscribers on this channel. There was a time when he did not have the money to complete his studies and today he is one of the top tech YouTubers of India.


Manoj Saru

YouTuber and blogger

Introduction of Manoj Saru 

Who is his full name Manoj Saru and today he is one of the Succesful Youtuber and Blogger who is a Kodapati at the age of 25 today. 

Who is Manoj Saru, a resident of South Delhi? South Delhi is known by big celebrities, people live in big buildings in big buildings, but Manoj Saru used to live there in a rented house and the room was the only one in which all his family lived, and they are today I have my own 2 bhk flat, which was once his dream. 

Blogging & YouTube Carrier 

Manoj Saru completed BCA (Degree) and Software Engineering (Diploma) during Blogging & YouTube. He wanted to do BTech but he could not get IIT exam pass nor did he have enough money to get admission in B tech college. 

Biography of Manoj Saru_ What is the story of Manoj Saru_
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Technology Gyan (Manoj Saru) Wiki, Bio

NameHands Saru
NicknameTechnology Gyan
ProfessionYoutuber, Influencer, Content Creator
Date of Birth18 April 1994
उम्र – Age (As of April 2021)26 Years
Birth PlaceNew Delhi, India
HometownNew Delhi, India
Zodiac SignNot Known
SchoolNot Known
CollegeNot Known
Father NameNot Known
Mother NameNot Known
Sister NameNot Known
Brother NameNot Known

Technology Gyan (Manoj Saru) Height, Weight, Body Measurements (Physical Overview)

Height168 cm (5 Feet 5 Inches)
Weight70 Kg
Body Measurements42-34-14
Chest42 Inches
Waist34 Inches
Biceps14 Inches
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack

Technology Gyan Favorites

Favorite FoodChicken Burger
Favorite ActorVarun Dhawan
Favorite ActressAlia Bhatt
Favorite PlaceKathmandu, Nepal

Problem faced 

Manoj Saru had neither an expensive phone nor an expensive laptop. The laptop was also on loan and there was no Wifi in that laptop. Manoj Saru used internet through Wifi Ethernet by connecting to his small phone and at that time internet speed was 100 to 200 kbps. Manoj Saru did not have extra room, he used to make his video in the kitchen so that no external sound would come and he used to shoot his video at around 1 or 2 in the night and used to write the content of the blog during the day. 

Manoj Saru used to use a small laptop and a small phone, which used to run 2G internet and the speed of internet was 50kbps to 100kbps at that time. Like Hamalgo, he used to read articles related to mobile technology and computer from the Internet.

Recent Posts

What to buy with blogging and YouTube money 

Manoj Saru has bought 2bhk’s own flat in South Delhi today with the money of YouTube and blogging. Today, they have DSLR camera, Mic has computer system, Wifi is Iphone, even today, whoever wants to buy such a bike can easily buy cars with their own money. 

Internet किसी को भी Crorepati बना सकता है🤑


In This Video

We often wonder how to change our life? How to become big in life? How to become a hero from zero? Or how to start from zero? So today we have brought for you the motivational story of one of the most famous Indian YouTubers @Technology Gyan i.e Manoj Saru, who will tell you his struggle to success story. In childhood, Manoj used to live in a rented house and the financial condition of the house was so bad that he had to skip a meal for several times.

Due to the financial problems of the house, he even had to let go his college admission. But despite all this, there was no lack of dedication and passion. He took a laptop on loan and gained complete knowledge by watching all the tech-related videos for a year. After that he started a YouTube channel, worked hard from dawn to dusk and then his earnings went from Rs.15,000 to Rs.20,000 and now in lakhs today. It was not that in this journey he did not have to struggle or face problems, the only difference was that these problems could not stand in front of his hard work,

dedication, determination and never give up attitude. Today he has become an inspiration to many people. All he says is that if you decide that you want to do something by hook or by crook, if your mindset is like that, then nothing can stop you from achieving your target.

Manoj Saru’s story of becoming a Blogger and YouTube 

At that time he was in college and in college he had a lot of problems with Fees, so he searched the internet one day and earned money sitting at home, so he came to know about blogging. 

He started his blog on the same day, but he did not get any success in blogging in the initial days. So he again searched the internet to earn money sitting at home, then he came to know about YouTube. 

So he started his channel on YouTube as well, the channel named Manoj Saru used to upload related videos from Hacking, Software Crack, Tutorial Video, Blogging on this YouTube channel and continued his blogging. Similarly, he uploaded 10 to 15 videos of Crack Software to YouTube, on which 25 thousand to 30 thousand views came, and some videos also became viral. 

But one day a YouTube mail came on Manoj Saru’s email and his YouTube channel was closed due to Community Guideline Strike. Under Community Guideline Strike, you cannot upload videos of Hacking or Crack Software to YouTube. 

So in this way, his channel was closed and the hard work of 1.5 years also became useless but he did not give up, he took information about YouTube and blogging. Manoj Saru again created another new channel and named that channel, “Technology Gyan” which is still available on YouTube. Today there are around 9 Million subscribers on the Technology Gyan channel. 

His Professional Qualification and Tech Skills 

1    MS Office
2    Visual Basic
3.   C, C++, C#
4.   Java, HTML5, Asp.Net
5.   MS-Access

Manoj Saru Networth & income

Manoj Saru is also fond of blogging and he has his two blogging accounts first is and the second one is where he usually writes about tech and new devices updates.

Manoj Saru is a software engineer by profession and his net worth is approx. 15-20 lakh Indian rupees, and his per month income is 2-3 lakh INR. He also earns money from many other sources such as Affiliate Marketing, blogging, and promotion of different brands, etc.

His Source of Earning list are following –

  1. YouTube – He earns approx. 3 to 4 lakh Indian rupees per month from his YouTube videos and he also run google ads on his videos.
  2. Promotions of different brands –   Manoj also promotes different tech and electronic brands inside his videos and through his Instagram handles and he charged from every brand according to ad length.
  3. Through his Blogging –
  4. Affiliate Marketing – Manoj also uses affiliate marketing techniques through his personal website. He has also good traffic on his website with 3k+ people’s engagement per day, Then he also earns from his website and blog.
  5. His Personal Website –

Manoj Saru Social Media Sites 

He is very active on his social media handles such as Instagram and Facebook etc. Thus he has a good fan following on his social media accounts.

ManojSaru email id:-[email protected]

Social Media Links
FacebookManoj Saru
TwitterManoj Saru
InstagramManoj Saru
YouTubeManoj Saru
YouTubeManoj Saru website 


Sir I am Also a Big Fan Of You

More Intresting Facts Of Manoj Saru

  • Manoj Saru ko Drinking (Alcohol) Likes-No
  • Manoj Saru has a habit of smoking? -No
  • Manoj Saru is a software engineer from NIIT. Like to watch   TV shows ? – Yes
  • Blogging is a hobby along with Youtube?- Yes Likes to eat non-  veg  – No
  • Aren’t you afraid of water? -No
  • Does swimming  come? – Yes
  • Afraid  of lizards and cockroaches   ? – Yes 
  • Like to listen to  songs  ? Yes
  • Manoj Saru completed his schooling from DME School in Delhi.
  • After completing his software engineering degree, it is time for relaxation. He wonders how to make money online. He went to Google and searched to earn money online. He found that blogging is a way to earn money online and a lot of people make money.
  • Before starting blogging he only had a laptop and a 2G mobile. He writes many blog posts.
  • After losing the channel, he starts a new channel named, Technology Gyan – Hindi Main. After sometime on 17 November 2015 they changed the name to Technology Knowledge.
  • Her channel got one million subscribers in June 2018. He makes detailed videos on it.

Hands saru Income

Friends, if you want to see the income of any YouTuber. So is a website on which you can check. Below you can see the earning of SocialBlade of Manoj Saru’s youtube channel.

As you are seeing in this photo of socialblade. One month youtube earning of Manoj Saru’s channel is about $ 5400, which is about 4 lakhs in Indian rupees. And there is about 64k $ in a year and about 45-50 lakhs in Indian rupees. The income that socialblade sees is not quite right. There may be a little high or low in it, it is an estimated income.

Manoj saru Net worth

One year’s income from Manoj Saru’s YouTube channel comes from about 50 lakh ads. According to Social Blade and the income generated from brand promotion is different. According to some websites, the net worth of Manoj Saru is around 3-4 crores.

Conclusion of Manoj Saru Biography

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Manoj Saru is such an inspiration for Indian Youth who are struggling on YouTube because he starts from a very low level and in the current time he has lots of follower’s and many peoples know him due to his communication and tech skills.

His way of describing things and qualifications made him different from others and he is a youth icon for Indian Tech students and he also gives the lesson to the Indian youth – “Focus on Your Goal and make efforts”.

  1. Is Manoj Saru Chinese?

    Manoj Saru
     Birth and Education

    Manoj Saru is an Indian tech YouTuber and Blogger was born in 1994 in New Delhi, India. … He is the mature, single, and unmarried guy, and belongs from the Hindu religion and his nationality is an Indian

  2. Where is Technology Gyan from?

    Monoj Saru (born: 1995 [age: 24-25]), better known online as Technology Gyan, is an Indian YouTuber who posts educational videos on YouTube.

  3. Manoj Saru Home

    Update Soon. He Currently Lived In Delhi

  4. Manoj Saru Age?

    Manoj Saru’s age has become 27 years as of 2021.

  5. Manoj saru date of birth, Birthday?

    Manoj Saru was born on 18 April 1994 in New Delhi, India. 
    happened in

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