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Hi I’m Sahil Khanna, Engineer turned Digital Marketer. Helping more than 8,00,000 + entrepreneurs across the globe with my youtube channel, Intellectual Indies that is ranked one of the top digital marketing channels in India.

I started my life as a perfectly imperfect child with many flaws.I am the kind of person who loves learning and was never concerned about the end result. In my free time, I love investing, singing and playing cricket. Money is something that doesn’t fascinate me but the impact and difference that could be created in someone’s life because of me.

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Sahil Khanna Biography, Age, Family, Education, Income
Sahil Khanna Biography, Age, Family, Education, Income
NameSahil Khanna
Date of Birth23 May 1991
Age29 Years
ProfessionDigital Marketer, YouTube, Entrepreneur
HometownNew Delhi
NationalityIndian (Sahil Khanna is Hindu but believes in oneness)
Eye ColorBlack
Hair Color Black
Married on23 November 2019
Father’s NameRajinder Khanna
Mother’s NameSneh Khanna
Wife’s NameSimran Khanna
Daughter nameYuvika Khanna
Brother’s NameChirag Khanna
HobbiesSahil loves to sing, explore new placesTry different foodPlay cricket and learnHe believes the best utilization of free time is self-improving yourself and developing a new skill.
CollegeDoon College of EngineeringTechnology Institute of Marketing and Management
Height & WeightHeight – 5.9.5 WeightKeeps on changing (Ranges between 75-85)
Height5Ft 9inch
Favourite FoodChicken
Favourite BeverageMango Shake
Favourite ActorShahrukh Khan
Favourite ActressesVidya Balan
Favourite TV ShowsHow I Met Your Mother, Mahabharat
Favourite ColourBlack
Favourite Destination Home
Favourite BookRich Dad Poor Dad
Favourite Films3 Idiots, Intersteller, If only, 50 First dates, Tamasha
Favourite SportCricket
Favourite Historical PersonDhirubhai Ambani
Digital Marketing ScientistStudents who complete the digital marketing course from Lapaas are known as digital marketing scientists.

Who is Sahil Khanna?

Sahil Khanna, Engineer turned Digital Marketer Who is ranked amongst one of the top Digital Marketers in India. Aiming to convert 8,00,000 entrepreneurs into digital entrepreneurs across the globe with my youtube channel Intellectual Indies.

What is Sahil Khanna’s net worth?


Well, he runs Lapaas- Digital Marketing Insitute & company, Yugen chemicals, Intellectual Indies, his main YouTube channel and Sahil Khanna(personal YouTube channel).

  • At Lapaas, he teaches around 100 students in a year and charges Rs. 40,000 + GST from one student.
  • Agency handles 200 plus recurring clients that result in 20lakhs Revenue per month. – Lapaas India makes around 1.5 lakh Revenue per month.
  • Intellectual Indies and Personal Youtube channels revenue is around 2.5 lakhs plus per month. – The growth rate is more than 500%

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What is Lapaas?

Lapaas is one of its kind digital marketing institutes and agency that trains students to be the best in the field of digital marketing and serve clients all over the globe.

What is Sahil Khanna’s qualification?

Sahil Khanna did his schooling from Mount Abu public school & Bachelors in Chemical Engineering from Doon College of Engineering and Technology.

Later did his MBA in Marketing and International Business from the Institute of Marketing and Management, New Delhi.

What is Sahil Khanna’s age?

Sahil Khanna is 29 years old.

Which digital marketing institute does Sahil Khanna run?

Sahil Khanna runs a digital marketing institute by the name, Lapaas. Lapaas currently takes 32 students only every 3 months. Soon, the admission would be on the basis of the entrance test.

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What is Sahil Khanna’s religion?

Sahil Khanna is Hindu but believes in oneness.

What are Sahil Khanna’s hobbies?

Sahil loves to

  • Sing,
  • Explore new places,
  • Try different foods,
  • Play cricket and
  • Learn something new everyday.

He believes the best utilization of free time is self-improving yourself and developing a new skill.


I have two Youtube channels as of now. One is you know  Intellectual indies and the other is my personal channel, Sahil Khanna. Soon I’m also planning to start new channels to provide more value to you guys. As you know I’m passionate about singing stay tuned for my music videos as well. Everything would be updated here and everywhere.

You can find the links below –

It was 31 December 2016, I was lying in my bed, watching IIFA Awards and seeing my friends check-ins on Facebook, I wasn’t satisfied and wanted to do something in my life. I made a New Year’s resolution that I will start a Youtube channel, Intellectual Indies from the next day. I continuously made videos for 2 months and did not receive many views. I persevered and finally one of my videos took off after that I made more videos and case studies. Since that day I have never turned back. I didn’t monetize my channel for the first 5 months. I thought it is such a good way that I would learn something and share which would result in making me also understand that topic in a better.

Also, I spread the message that one should start and learn and improve on the way. I believe nothing is perfect in the beginning and therefore one should focus on starting and making things better gradually with customer feedback and reviews. If you see my first few videos they all were recorded on a mobile phone and consistently putting out content now I have managed to buy a DSLR and record videos in 4k for my viewers.

intellectual indies youtube channel


After completing my engineering, I joined my father’s chemical business and realized that it is not easy at all. After working for 2 months, I realized I’m the guy with no business knowledge and hence opted for an MBA. I wanted to pursue an MBA in advertising but my father wanted me to learn and increase his business abroad. I did an MBA in marketing and international business. Doing the course was one of the best learning experience in my life.


sahil khanna youtube channel

After completing my engineering, I joined my father’s chemical business and realized that it is not easy at all. After working for 2 months, I realized I’m the guy with no business knowledge and hence opted for an MBA. I wanted to pursue an MBA in advertising but my father wanted me to learn and increase his business abroad. I did an MBA in marketing and international business. Doing the course was one of the best learning experience in my life.



I was always keen to learn something new and apply it. I remember I was in class 4 when Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan was goin on and our school also took the initiative to Clean the school campus. Each student was asked to bring liquid soap. I went home and my father gave me liquid soap in a small bottle of medicine. My friends saw that and asked me to bring the same for them. I told them it is for Rs.5.  With time, I got 50-60 orders and was in a problem that how do I fulfil them now. I went to the local chemist and asked him that how much would that bottle cost? He said it is for Rs. 2. I was able to sense a loophole in the business that was I had to buy the bottle again and again. I asked my friends why don’t you get it refilled. I captured around 80% of the students in the school.

One PTM my father got to know about this and told me to study and time would come for you to earn money.

Now it was around 6-7th standard , there was huge craze of tazo. I used to buy that packet and sell the tazo that came inside the packet. My cousin has a collection, one day I went to his house and bought all from him which later I sold for many thousands to one boy in the school.

When I was doing engineering, my friend came and asked if I would be able to make a website. I agreed as I had computer background friends. This was the beginning of my freelancing career. Gradually I started getting more projects related to SEO, app development and digital marketing.

I  started looking at my father’s business after graduation and realised that I have no business knowledge. I opted for MBA. During my post graduation. I started building my digital marketing team and approaching International clients. Now we have over 200 recurring clients working with us.

My agency, Lapaas was running fine, I was also looking at my father’s business with my full time job.

On 1st Jan,2017 I started my Youtube channel. I did job for around 2-3 years at multiple companies before I started my institute.

What is Sahil Khanna’s mobile number?

You can contact team Lapaas at – 95400 65704 but if you are looking for his personal number Sorry, we cannot mention that.

Where is Sahil Khanna’s house?

He lives in your hearts but if you are looking for a postal address sorry, we cannot mention that.

Who is Sahil Khanna’s mother?

Mrs. Sneh Khanna

Who are Sahil Khanna’s parents?

Sahil Khanna’s father, Mr. R.P Khanna is a self-made businessman and his mother, Mrs. Sneh Khanna is a homemaker.

What is Sahil Khanna’s Instagram handle?

Sahil can be reached on Instagram, the username is princesahilkhanna but he isn’t that active. Try your luck.

What are Sahil Khanna’s skills?

Sahil is great at:

  • Digital Marketing,
  • Video production and Editing,
  • Designing,
  • Google Adword,
  • Google Analytics, and many more

Why Sahil Khanna is the best digital marketer?

Sahil Khanna knows his game deeply. He is constantly improving and learning. He works on his skills and it is difficult to find him sitting idle.

Also, he works on his course to give the students the best lessons he can. Recently, he added Growth Hacking and Copywriting to his course.

Which are Sahil Khanna’s Youtube channels?

Currently, there are two

  • Intellectual Indies
  • Sahil Khanna

What are Sahil Khanna’s future plans?

Sahil has a deep interest in giving back to society for the love and support he has got.

He would love to see the start-up community grow and wants to help in whatever way he can in the coming future. He also wants to release music videos. Also, he wants to see Lapaas, his training institute at number one place.

Who are digital marketing scientists?

Students who complete the digital marketing course from Lapaas are known as digital marketing scientists.

What makes Sahil Khanna different from other Digital Marketers?

Check out this Digital Marketing Playlist containing more than 80 videos and then decide what makes him Different.

He does not praise himself :p

Height of Sahil Khanna?

  • Height – 5.9.5 

Weight of Sahil Khanna?

  • Weight – 78 kgs

What are Sahil Khanna’s businesses?

  • Sahil Khanna runs the most loved Youtube channel by the name Intellectual Indies.
  • Lapaas, a digital marketing institute and agency
  • Yugen Chemicals Pvt Ltd, a chemical trading business
  • Indies Education, Blogging Platform
  • Superchatbot – Complete Marketing Solution
  • Balichalo, Travel Agency
  • Edrilla – Learning Ecosystem
  • Learn network, Helps you to learn lot of things

Sahil Khanna’s colleges?

  • Doon College of Engineering
  • Technology Institute of Marketing and Management

What are Sahil Khanna’s upcoming projects?

Sahil is about to launch his course online very soon. He is also interested in Interior Designing, so he might launch a platform related to that. Also, there are chances he might start other Youtube channels and blogging networks.

A detailed course on Data Science is also coming very soon, so stay tuned for that on Intellectual Indies.

What is Sahil Khanna’s YouTube channel name?

There are two channels run by Sahil, one is by the name,

1. Intellectual Indies, that is focused on Digital Marketing, startups and business and other is his personal channel, by the name

2. Sahil Khanna only, where he shares food vlogs, travel experience, and personal lifestyle basically.

Can Sahil Khanna sing?

Sahil is great at singing, well that is what we feel. In his childhood his teacher encouraged him to sing on stage once, he was praised and then he never looked back.

He has achieved many awards in his school and college life.

You can check his singing videos on his personal channel.

He recently bought a mic and investing his time to learn about new software.

Stay tuned for his music videos that would be out very soon.

Who is Sahil Khanna’s wife?

Simran Khanna 

Who is Sahil Khanna’s daughter?

Yuvika Khanna

When is Sahil Khanna’s birthday? 

Sahil’s birth date is on 23rd May 1991.

Wish him on YoutubeInstagramFacebook

Who is Sahil Khanna’s father?

Mr. R.P Khanna.

Where is Sahil Khanna from?

Sahil is born and brought up in New Delhi.

Who is Sahil Khanna’s brother?

Sahil’s brother is Chirag Khanna. He also has a Youtube channel by his name. He is handling Yugen Chemicals with him.

Which is Sahil Khanna’s first video?

Sahil made his first video on 1st Jan 2017. Here is the link.

Where has Sahil Khanna worked earlier?

Glue Design, Miditech, and Vidikart. His Linkedin Id- Here.

What is Sahil Khanna’s life journey?

Sahil started his life as a “perfectly imperfect” child with many flaws. His teachers encouraged him for singing where he could land up to zonal level performances and competitions and that’s the amazing platform where he could achieve public confidence.

Being a Punjabi, humor is his born talent and hence, ended up being a standup comedian too He always loved science like his baby and playing with chemicals was always fun for him. So he did his bachelor’s in chemical engineering.

After completing graduation, He joined his father’s family business and later realized that it is not easy at all like it was looking. After working for 2 months he realized He is the guy with “no business knowledge” Hence, opted for MBA, where he unlocked his creative skills and discovered “Centered Brain Sahil Khanna”

What Services does Sahil Khanna’s company provide?

Lapaas provides services like SEO, Website creation, Social Media Marketing, Content writing , 2D-3D animation videos, Video Production, Facebook/Instagram ads and PPC ads,etc. For more details – Check out his website

Who runs the most subscribed digital marketing YouTube channel?

The most subscribed digital marketing YouTube channel is Intellectual Indies that is run by Sahil Khanna :p

How did Sahil learn everything about Digital Marketing?

Sahil is a self taught person in the field of digital marketing, he has been being doing freelance projects since his engineering days. He used to face difficulty in the beginning , but learned, kept on trying and implementing. Now he handles clients from all over the world and teaches students so that they become their best.

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