Who is Chandan Prasad Sahoo Biography? Story of Chandan Prasad Sahoo (Successful Blogger ) & More

Story of Chandan Prasad Sahoo:  Hello friends, in this article today, I am going to tell you the Motivational Stories of a blogger who has become a successful blogger and today his website gets traffic in millions every day. His blog comes first in Google. And recently he has bought a car worth 30 lakhs. So friends, in this article today, you will know who is Chandan Prasad Sahoo? Story of Chandan Prasad Sahoo. 

Friends, you can think about how much money they will earn from blogging, I am going to give full information about them in this article, so you read it completely, if you do not believe that they will earn so much money, then I will give you the name and video of their website. I will give you from where you can see for yourself. So friends now talk about who and where they live and how they are earning so much money, so let’s know 

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Who is Chandan Prasad Sahoo Story of Chandan Prasad Sahoo (Successful Blogger )
Who is Chandan Prasad Sahoo Story of Chandan Prasad Sahoo (Successful Blogger )
Chandan Prasad Sahoo is a proud geek and tech enthusiast who spends his day reading and writing about tech. I am a village blogger who loves to make videos regarding my village life.

Who is Chandan Prasad Sahoo?

His full name is Chandan Prasad Sahoo, he is the owner of hindime.net blog, who today ranks his blog first in Google. He writes all types of articles on his blog such as Technical, Education, Online Earning, Blogging, SEO etc. 

Everyday traffic on this blog comes in millions, due to which he earns so much money.  He belongs to Sambalpur, a small village in Odisha. From where he stepped into the blogging world for the first time. His blog is both in Hindi and English, but with the popularity he got from the Hindi blog, he has also got respect from Google.   


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Getting inspired-

This inspired Chandan to try his hand at blogging because he too had a technical background much like Amit Agarwal.

Also, he was passionate about becoming a solopreneur and it took him no time to realise that blogging can make him a solopreneur. But the problem was that nobody around Chandan knew anything about blogging.

Even at his college, no one knew blogging and to add insult to injury there weren’t many decent resources on the internet about blogging. So, all these things forced Chandan to learn blogging on his own. Later, he also came across Harsh Agrawal, one of the most successful bloggers in India and also got inspired by him.

How much Chandan Prasad Sahoo earns from blogging 

When Chandan Prasad Sahoo came to the blogging field, he did not have much knowledge, he could not earn even one rupee for three years. Because they did not know much about blogging in Surwat, the income which they started got after three years when they took full information about blogging.  

Carrier has done  his studies in Computer Science in Msc and has also done some Professional Programming Course with him which helps a lot in blogging.  Chandan Prasad Sahu  had done blogging in 2011 itself. He started both Hindi and English blogs. He has worked hard for three years, after which he started his own YouTube channel, which is also called Hindi me jaankari. 

In media-

Chandan’s success story has been featured in many news channels and newspapers of Odisha like-

  • News18 Odia.
  • Odisha TV.
  • Sambad.

Featured in News18 Odia

In Conversation With Chandan Prasad Sahoo: The Man Behind The Success of Hindime.net

Featured in Sambad Newspaper

Who is Chandan Prasad Sahoo Biography? Story of Chandan Prasad Sahoo (Successful Blogger ) & More 4

Problem faced  

When Chandan Prasad Sahu was in 12th, his father died and at the same time he thought that he had to earn money as soon as he finished his studies and do whatever he wanted but his family members used to force him to do the job, due to which They used to be very upset, but when the income started, then the family’s Reaction changed.

Becoming rich-

Blogging has made Chandan very rich and his HindiMe.net blog alone earns him around $6k per month.

He has a network of 10 blogs and all of them are in English except HindiMe.net which is in Hindi.

And the good thing is that most of them are running successfully.

Realising his dreams-

Chandan’s favourite things are electronic gadgets and automobiles.

Thanks to blogging, he has been able to realise these dreams. Blogging has enabled Chandan to purchase many expensive electronic gadgets like Macbooks, Mac mini, iPhone, iPad, etc.

In 2020, he purchased a Sony Alpha a7S III camera and its related gear which are worth more than 5 lakh rupees.

Also in that year, Chandan purchased a Jeep Compass SUV worth 30 lakh rupees. Chandan wouldn’t have realised all these luxurious dreams if he hadn’t become a blogger.

Conclusion: Friends, who is your hope,  Chandan Prasad Sahoo?  Story of Chandan Prasad Sahoo would have liked, so if you also want to become a successful blogger then you will also have to work hard.  

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