Gaurav Thakur Age, Wife, Net Worth, Height, Girlfriend, Biography, Wikipedia

Gaurav Thakur Biography: GetsetflySCIENCE is one of Indias biggest Youtube content creators and social media influencers. He owns multiple youtube channels like GetsetflyFACT, GetsetflySCIENCE, GetsetflyFUNDA, FactBHAI, GetsetflyFLEARN. He started making Youtube videos from 2017 and currently, he has around 10 million subscribers including all his youtube channels and he gets almost 1 Billion views every year on his videos.

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Gaurav Thakur Wiki / Biography

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Gaurav Thakur Age, Wife, Net Worth, Height, Girlfriend, Biography, Wikipedia
Gaurav Thakur Age, Wife, Net Worth, Height, Girlfriend, Biography, Wikipedia

He is highly passionate about Science, Space, and technology, although he don’t have any educational degree in the science stream.  He has studied BMS (Bachelor of Management Studies) from Mumbai University. You can guess the success of Gaurav from the fact that in 2021.

He earns more than 50 lakhs every month from YouTube, which is increasing rapidly. Gaurav belongs to a middle-class family still he achieved everything in his life and established himself among the top content creators of India.

Gaurav Thakur was born and brought up in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India on 21 September 1994. He is 27 years old as of 2021.

Gaurav Biography

NameGaurav Thakur
Nick NameGaurav
Gaurav Thakur YouTuber ageAge 25 years
Youtube Channel NameGetsetflyscience, GetsetflyFACT
Youtube awardsilver and gold play button
Youtube debutFebruary 2017
Home townMumbai
Email[email protected]

Getsetflyscience Gaurav biography

Gaurav Thakur founder of GetsetflyFACT and Getsetflyscience

In 2017, he started his journey on YouTube, The name of his first YouTube channel is Getetflyscience. Now, Gaurav has 6 YouTube channels and about 10 play buttons.

Gaurav used to write books before starting a channel on youtube. And he has two beautiful birds named Mitu and Kiku. The main purpose of his channel is to make people aware of science and also wants people to stay away from blind faith.

He used to work in a call center before starting a channel on YouTube And also loves to try new things. says working in a call center has improved her speaking skills

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Physical Appearance of Gaurav

Hair colorBlack
Eye colorBlack
Height5 feet 6 inch
Weight85 kg approx
Finger ringNo

Gaurav Thakur Wiki / Biography

Physical Measurement & More

Height (approx.)Height in centimeters- 160 cm
Height in meters- 1.60 m
Height in feet inches- 5’ 5”  .
Weight (approx.)54 kg
Eye ColourBlack
Hair ColourBlack
Skin ColourBrown.

Social Media Account Link

Facebook @getsetflymedia 1 lakh Likes
Instagram @gaurav_getsetflyscience  50K+ Followers
Youtube @GetsetflyFACT  
@FactBHAI  @GetsetflyFLEARN
4 Million Subscriber
5 Million Subcribers
480K Subscribers
1 Million Subscribers.
150k Subscribers.
Contact Details of Gaurav Thakur
Phone Number +1 729-436-4829
Whatsaap number                               +91 01146121XXX
Email[email protected]
House AddressMumbai, Maharashtra, India.
Manager Name  
Manager Mobile Number 


  • Gaurav Thakur is one of the most creative content creators with great skills.
  • He presents the information in the video in such a way that once anyone watches his video once definitely become a subscriber.
  • His voice and look were also awesome which helped him to grow rapidly on social media.
  • He gained 10 millions Subscribers on Youtube with Billions of views.
  • He also has Millions of followers on Instagram, facebook, and TikTok.
Commonly Asked Questions
  1. Who is Gaurav Thakur and why she is popular?
    • He is one of Indias biggest Youtube content creators and social media influencers. He owns multiple youtube channels like GetsetflyFACT, GetsetflySCIENCE, GetsetflyFUNDA, FactBHAI, GetsetflyFLEARN.  
  2. What is the net worth of Gaurav Thakur?
    • Her approximate net-worth is 10 Crore Rupees and his monthly earning lies between 50 Lakh-60 lakh Rupees.
  3. What are the future plans of her?
    • He will continue to work as a content creator.
  4.  Is He in a relationship with anyone?
    • His actual relationship status is unknown to us but as per the rumors on social media, he is single.
  5. Would he like to work in Bollywood movies?
    • of course, if he gets any offer then she will definitely accept.
Recent Posts

How Getsetfly owner Gaurav Thakur started his first channel

Getsetfly Owner Gorav Thakur Ne Apne Pahle Channal Ki Suruaat Kese Hui

Getsetfly  Owner Gorav Thakur  ke Channal started in such a way that Gaurav Thakur was not always so good in academics . But his curiosity was great. When Gaurav Thakur was in his school, he loved to know different things. He says no one has a lot of interest in the story of Ram. Similarly, Gaurav Thakur had a lot of interest. He used to find different questions in every concept which was mostly out of syllabus . 

So the teacher used to silence them that go and sit, Gaurav Thakur liked these things very much but he saw that no one was expressing them. And if you have chosen a specific such stream. Like if you have scienceIf you have heard then you will not get the knowledge of commerce in it. You will not get the knowledge of the rest of the syllabus, so Gaurav Thakur thought of promoting this thinking and  started the Getsetfly Science  channel.

What GetSetFly Owner Gaurav Thakur thinks about Curiosity

Getsetfly  Owner Gorav Thakur  believes that Curiosity is in every human being. Curiosity is a part of our life. But our education system and our society suppress this curiosity. And Gaurav Thakur  said that our job is to awaken the sleeping curiosity in everyone.

how to grow new youtube facts channel

Getsetfly  Owner Gorav Thakur  believes that the formula to grow on YouTube is based on fundamentals. Like you create some unique content . You have a unique selling point. You Kansistentli keep pushing on through platform Hardwark. Share it on your level. Her you good value, good knowledge to give to the audience. You consistent to Be honest and you’re Provide how good knowledge. You know what your quality is and you keep giving it forward. In this way you can grow on YouTube .

Why does Getsetfly owner Gaurav Thakur start off without showing his face?

Getsetfly Owner Gorav Thakur  used to make videos with his partner earlier, then due to some reasons he decided to end, after that all the pressure of making videos  fell on Gaurav Thakur  , in this case  video editing  Lightning took more time to prepare because  pride Thakur  the  script editing Research  had to do everything myself and just  think 3 hour from 2:30 to set  the average so it was not a regular basis Possible so proud Thakur  voice over videos  given  .

Getsetfly owner Gaurav Thakur started Kya Videos with Face

Getsetfly Owner Gorav Thakur Ne Kya Videos Ki Suruaat Face Ke Saath Ki Thi

Getsetfly Ownar Gorav Thakur who  was showing face actually began when his partner with the videos were made.

Getsetfly Owner Gourav Thakur Ka First Facecam After Grow Channel

Getsetfly Ownar Gorav Thakur Ka First Facecam After Grow Channal

Getsetfly  Owner Gorav Thakur noticed that the channel is growing  and people want to know who is behind this video, who is the owner of this channel and who is the one who makes the video, so Gaurav Thakur revealed his face on April 26 – 2019.

Getsetfly Ownar Gorav Thakur Ka First Facecam After Grow Channal

How Getsetfly Owner Gaurav Thakur Searches Content

  The team of Getsetfly Owner Gorav Thakur selects the topic in the start and tries to be an interesting topic , some topic in which a lot of people are interested, it should be some educational information and not just views, they try that a popular topic and on which people If you have interest , choose a topic on it, similarly topic selection happens.

Getsetfly owner Gaurav Thakur how to write a script

Getsetfly  Ownar Gorav Thakur  team after script writes and their motive   is that the best  of the best information best be delivered to people Research and should be brought forward .

How Getsetfly Owner Gaurav Thakur Editing

Getsetfly  Ownar Gorav Thakur   ‘s editing team very creative ways of creativity by showing videos in editing the tailings through the through the X Factor tried to do the Amazing Effects put forth and Finally the video is uploaded .

Getsetfly Owner Gorav Thakur Editing Kaise Karte Hai

Getsetfly Owner Gorav Thakur Ki Awaz (Voice)

  You now hear the voice of Gaurav Thakur on Getsetfly Owner Gorav Thakur . Earlier he used to make a completely different sound of it. Deliberately trying to keep the voice thin, gradually Gaurav Thakur saw that people are liking the original voice , then Gaurav Thakur continued to speak in his normal voice .

Getsetfly owner Gaurav Thakur owns which mic

Getsetfly  Ownar Gorav Thakur  when video to start then had Rs Gaurav Thakur 630 for Mike to his voice as that used to make video and now when the distinction has been made Grow Thakur channel was purchased Great Mike has changed mic that people Deliver Now Gaurav Thakur has   Rode NT 2A Microphone .

How To Get Contant For Fact Channel

Getsetfly  Owner Gorav Thakur says that research is done for basic content that topic selection has become trending topics which are running now which more videos are playing on youtube videos have more educational value, concept is good story good and every single  Curious Banda this video like this to see videos make 

Getsetfly Owner Gorav Thakur Ka Online Business

Getsetfly Ownar Gorav Thakur Influansr marketing are Gaurav Thakur recognized that he was a Influansser so he brands the product can cell pride Thakur were wondering how brands can make the product to market, they are few and Brands Build a relationship together and at the same time bring sponsorship  for their friends who are influencers  . They believe in a trend product and go out of the way and try to promote such products, which brand is very good, adding value to the lives of people so that people can take their profit.  

When did Getsetfly owner Gaurav Thakur start Influencer Marketing work?

Getsetfly Ownar Gorav Thakur  Arun Thakur were 5 to 6 months of work Influansser Marketing is proud Thakur used to these things before, but when he was very personal work on a small scale is the channel grow so proud Thakur spoke ‘s Business to Took it to a higher level. 

How many brands has Getsetfly owner Gaurav Thakur worked with?

Getsetfly Ownar Gorav Thakur has so  many so brands have worked with it anyway seasons  according to Flkchuatt is a brand comes in a season, a brand has come in a season now graces Thakur   working with three brands Is . 

Scope Of Facts Channel Or Content Creation

When you gain a lot of audience in YouTube , when you have a lot of opportunities  , but what type of content you have, it depends a lot, there are many types of people, there are also some new influencers but if there is a negative influencer then you Brands people Influans will not and good brands will not connect.

Getsetfly Ownar Gorav Thakur earning Getsetflyfact Net Worth.

Getsetflyfact Net Worth –  Getsetfly Owner Gorav Thakur  ‘s main goal is to create a good career option for everyone working in his team and grow, everyone can move towards curiosity and creativity and when it comes to revenue, a descent The amount becomes approx. Gaurav Thakur earns Rs.10 lakh in a month.  

Getsetfly Owner Gorav Thakur Kitna Kamate Hai.  Getsetflyfact Net Worth.

Getsetfly Owner Gorav Thakur Age.

Getsetfly Owner Gorav Thakur is 26 years old 

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