Who is God Praveen YT? | God Praveen YT Biography, age, height, family, income, net worth & More

God Praveen YT Biography: Through this article, I am going to tell you about God Praveen YT, the biggest channel of PUBG Lite. If you do not know who is God Praveen YT, then through this article you will get

Here I am going to give you all the information about God Praveen YT like who is God Praveen YT? How much is his Youtube Income? So let’s know about them

Who is God Praveen YT? | God Praveen YT Biography, age, height, boyfriend, family, income, net worth.
Who is God Praveen YT? | God Praveen YT Biography, age, height, boyfriend, family, income, net worth.

Who is god praveen yt ?

God Praveen YT is a Youtuber whose channel name is God Praveen YT. His real name is “Praveen Choudhary”, he live streams PUBG Mobile Lite on his channel.

God Praveen YT used to stream pubg mobile lite on his channel in the early days but he had low end device which was causing a lot of problem in pubg mobile live stream.

In view of these problems, he started lighting the PUBG mobile. Pubg Mobile Lite is supported very well in Low End Device.


In this way his journey started in PUBG Mobile Lite and on 09/09/2021 his channel has completed 1 million subscribers.

Along with Praveen Chaudhary, his younger brother Tushar Chaudhary is also a very good player and he is called the god of PUBG Lite. Praveen is a three finger player while Tushar Chaudhary is a 4 finger player.

God Praveen YT Social Media AccountAccount Name
YoutubeGod Praveen YT
YoutubeGod Praveen YT Vlogs
Facebook PageGoDPraveen YT
TwitterPraveen Chaudhary

God Praveen yt  biography

AVvXsEgGm uAVRfmdn0Y0uiwJ Dg2wNdcBS5dbOUMXz1sTwq 5e6lFn55Q95khcyMh77yucra68EI6VfQ9VxQiQwXwYMUQ8lZ6kvMGRP4rNuJ0YZGrfWmwjJf1RIwCGiPH71lCcdiEAVx3uMk3ne7BIdJye4EBZKd7CZXxVZO6lXAXTXPrpsaH5Y tN5EsXD3Q=w570 h640
Real namePraveen choudhry
pubg lite id7259516585
Clan id3000860621
home townghaziabad
Device nameOne plus
Wife nameSandhya choudhry
Date of birth18 sep 1995
pubg mobile id570229450
Qualifications12th pass

 God Praveen yt  is the real name of Praveen Choudhary famous on YouTube by the name of god Praveen yt . God Praveen yt is born in 18 SEP 1995 in Delhi, God Praveen yt age is 26.

GoDPraveen YT mother death News | GoDpraveen Yt mother news

माँ के बिना जीवन का कोई आधार नही ।
अपने माता पिता के साथ समय ज़रूर बिताए
बाद म उनकी बस यादें ही रह जाती है

Death Date: 5 April

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God Praveen YT Height & Wiki 

First NamePraveen
Last NameChoudhary
ProfessionYouTube Creator
God Praveen YT Age32 Years
God Praveen YT BirthdayJune 17
Country of ResidenceIndia
God Praveen YT HeightHeight in Cms- Average 160 cmHeight in Foot- 5.2
God Praveen YT WeightAverage 58 Kg
God Praveen YT Measurements36-26-36
God Praveen YT AffairsUnknown!
God Praveen YT Eyes ColorBlack
God Praveen YT Hair ColorBlack

God Praveen YT pubg lite id

God praveen YT is currently ranked first in the ranking of popularity in Asia. You can see their rank in Popularity Ranking in Pubg Lite

  • PUBG Lite Name: – GoD 女 PraveenYT
  • PUBG MOBILE LITE ID :- 7259516585
  • GoD Praveen YT bgmi ID : – 570229450

God Praveen YT Net Worth & Salary in Detail

God Praveen YT Net Worth This Year$1 Million
God Praveen YT Net worth Last Year$1 Million
Primary Source of IncomeYouTube, Instagram
God Praveen YT Salary $10,000

God Praveen YT youtube income

God praveen YT has not given any definite information about his earning from Youtube, although according to Social Blade his monthly earning from Youtube is between 1.9$ to 30$.
If you convert it into Rs., then their monthly earnings are between Rs. 1,33,000 – Rs. 21,60,00. If this is seen at least, then he earns one lakh forty thousand rupees in a month. Apart from this, they also earn good money from sponsorship

God praveen YT family

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Now let’s talk about his family, if you have read the post till here, then you must have come to know about his brother Tushar Chaudhary.

Let me tell you, he is married and has children too. Let us know about the rest of his family members.

  • Sandhya – his wife
  • Aaradhya – daughter
  • Tushar – younger brother
  • God Ad

God Praveen YT’s phone number

Many people would definitely want to know the phone number of God Praveen YT, so let me tell those people that big Youtubers do not share their phone numbers, the best medium to contact them is instagram.

Last word – I hope you have understood the given information about God Praveen YT very well. How did you like this post written on God Praveen YT Information in Hindi?

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God Praveen YT Biography

Friends Praveen Chaudhary is a famous Esports Player. The name of his channel is Payal Gaming. His Gaming Play videos get a lot of love from the people and he has a good following on both Instagram and Youtube. Payal started his gaming career in 2019. Initially, they had to face some problems. Then gradually people started getting love and their game play got better.

God Praveen YT Date of Birth, Age

Praveen Chaudhary was born on 18 September 1995 in Ghaziabad, Uttarpradesh, India. Happened in. Praveen Chaudhary’s age is around 26 years in 2021.

GoD Praveen YT Income

According to the Social blade website, GoD Praveen YT earns about 3.1k $ comfortably every month from youtube. If we change this amount in Indian currency then it is about 226,000 rupees and it is their Income.They have the sources of YouTube IncomeYouTube IncomeSponsoredSuper Chat

God Praveen YT Height, Weight

The height of Praveen Chaudhary is 5.7 feet and the weight is about 70 kg. Their Eye Color Black and Hair Color is also Black.

God Praveen YT Education & Qualification

Praveen Chaudhary has done her schooling from not known School, Uttarpradesh. And Praveen is pursuing her graduation from not known. 
school, college, Education & Qualification

Who Is The God Of PUBG Mobile Lite?

With many equally talented players out there, it is hard to single out one who is the best. So here are the top five players of PUBG Mobile Lite,

God Praveen YT

Praveen Chaudhary, better known to his fans as GoDPraveen YT, is a rising star in the world of Youtube streaming. His PUBG Mobile Lite streaming have made him quite popular. It’s an understatement to say Praveen Chaudhary is an expert at the game. The gamer also finds time to play other games such as Grand Theft Auto V.

God Tushar OP

Tushar OP, sometimes known as GoD, is a competitive player in Pubg Mobile Lite. He Is Known For His Assaulting And Spraying. Small Brother Of God Praveen is GoD Tushar OP. God Tushar OP is a Pubg Mobile Lite streamer and the co-leader of God Praveen’s eSports Clan.


Techamazing is another prominent Youtuber who has over 1 million followers thanks to his expert gaming videos for titles like PUBG Mobile, PUBG Mobile Lite, Call of Duty Mobile, and Fortnite Mobile. He makes edited guide videos in which he tries to teach his audience more about these games and to help them play better by providing tips and tricks.

Melody Gamer

Ramij of Melody Gamer, who has 265,000 YouTube followers, is gaining popularity for his PUBG Mobile Lite videos. He creates excellent content for folks who enjoy watching PUBG streaming but also want to learn a few tips and strategies.


Salauddin Ahmed, the brains behind the Helptrick Youtube channel, is a gamer that streams PUBG Mobile Lite on a regular basis. He named his channel Helptrick because he wants to provide videos with tips and tricks so that his 360,000 subscribers may get better at gaming.

GodPraveen YT family, Mother and father

There is some information about Praveen Chaudhary parents. We will update here as soon as we get any other information.

Real Name – Praveen Chaudhary
Wife’s – Sandhya Chaudhary
Daughter’s – Aradhya Chaudhary
Son’s – Anirudh Chaudhary
Fathers name – Not known
Mothers name – Not known
Brother – Tushar Chaudhary
Sister – Nisha Chaudhary

God Praveen YT Youtube Channel

Friends Praveen Chaudhary started this Youtube channel in 2018. And the first video was uploaded on the channel on 28 Oct 2018. So far 2 lakh people have seen their first video. Praveen is fulfilling her hobbies along with her studies. And people also like their videos very much. And today his channel has more than 10.6 lakh subscribers. And there have been more than 13 crore views on his channel. And Gdo Praveen YT has one more YouTube channel God Praveen YT Vlogs has more than 2.88 lakh subscribers. And there have been more than 2.80 crore views on his

God Praveen YT net worth

Praveen Choudhary’s main income source comes from Youtube Ads and Social Media Promotion. According to some websites, his net worth is being told around 26 lakh to 30 lakh. There has been no such disclosure from the rest of Praveen Choudhary.

Praveen Chaudhary Nature Facts

I know of only one kindness of Praveen Choudhary which I saw in his blog in which he helped one of his subscribers.
Friends If you have any more information please share.

God Praveen YT Channel hacked 

Praveen Chaudhary channel on his YouTube GoDPraveen YT hacked two times in life. First time hacked in October and second time  hacked in Oct – Nov. But second time Praveen Chaudhary channel deleted from YouTube. But now his channel GoDPraveen Yt is back. 

Where did God Praveen YT live?

GoDPraveen YT is in Ghaziabad, India.

Who is PUBG Lite God?

God Praveen YT

Praveen Chaudhary, better known to his fans as GoDPraveen YT, is a rising star in the world of Youtube streaming. His PUBG Mobile Lite streaming have made him quite popular.

Who is God Praveen YT?

Praveen Chaudhary, also known as GoDPraveen YT by his fans, is a rising star in the world of Youtube streaming. He is immensely popular for his PUBG Mobile Lite streams. To say that Praveen Chaudhary is skilled at the game is an understatement. The gamer also finds time to play multiple other games like GTA 5, as well.

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