Who is Mahendra Dogney? Story of MD Motivation | Biography of Mahendra Dogani

Mahendra Dogney: In today’s post, we are going to tell you about the life introduction of Mahendra Dogney, we will tell you in this post about the introduction of Mahendra Dogney Biography, Jivani, Family, Education, Career , YouTube Income .


Mahendra Dogney is an Indian Youtuber & Tik Tok Star who is famously known as a motivational speaker.

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Mahendra Dogani

Youtuber, Motivation speaker

Mahendra Dogney Biography And Wiki

NameMahendra Dogani
Birth16 April 1989 Harda MP
SurnameMD Motivation
Ages32 years
professionYoutuber, Motivation speaker
school nameExcellence School Madhya Pradesh
home placeHarda, Madhya Pradesh
AwardSilver Gold Play Button from Google Key
likereading books, motivation speech
marital statusSingle
Hight5.8 Feet
Weight72 kg
Net Worth5-6 lakh/ Month

Mahendra Dogney Social Media Account

Who is Mahendra Dogney Story of MD Motivation Biography of Mahendra Dogani
Who is Mahendra Dogney Story of MD Motivation Biography of Mahendra Dogani
Social Media NameUser IDFollowers
Instagrammahendradogneofficial1M Followers
FacebookMahendraDogney16426 lakh Followers
YouTubeMD Motivation17.2 Lakh Subscribe
Twitter@mahendra_dogney290 Followers

Biography of Mahendra Dogani

Mahendra Dogney [ MD Motivation ] who became famous for short videos on TikTok is famous all over India today, as a Motivational Speaker Leader, today he is working to motivate people through his YouTube Channel and guide them in the right direction. Today , more than 17,00,000 people are connected to Mahendra Dogney ‘s YouTube, he motivates people even today by making short videos through his Instagram account.

When TikTok ‘s fame was at its peak, he started making short videos on Tik Tok. In this, he used to talk and motivate people about some knowledge, due to which millions of people became his fans and in a few months, millions of people started liking him, although Mahendra Dogney has struggled in his life in the field of education. I was not that good in the beginning but later she has topped her school with full dedication and dedication in the field of education.

Mahendra Dogney [ MD Motivation ] Always make videos that inspire people to move forward, which millions of people watch and like, it has become a source of inspiration for today’s youth and for boys, today there are many such There are people who want to be like them and follow their lifestyle.

In today’s post, we will give you detailed information about the entire life of Mahendra Dogney [ MD Motivation ] , in which way he started from zero and made his mark among millions of people today and became a force to be reckoned with on social media.  

Mahendra Dogani Birth, Family, Parents, Education, Marriage, Home ,

Mahendra Dogney [ MD Motivation ] was born on 16 April 1989 in Harda city of Madhya Pradesh . Mahendra Dogney is 32 years old and he is successful in his life.  

In his family, his parents are brothers and sisters, his father has a shop, in this he works as a mechanic Mahendra Dogney [ MD Motivation ] He did his studies from   Excellence School Harda, he also failed in ninth class and in tenth class the same Topper in school too. Mahendra Dogney ‘s house is in Harda city of Madhya Pradesh and he has been living here originally. Mahendra Dogney is unmarried.

Mahendra Dogani Career Beginning

Although Mahendra Dogney ‘s life was full of struggles, but his career was started from his childhood, he took admission in Excellence School and sat in class 7, he passed class 7 by doing so and came in class 8. Went. In this class, he completed his exam with supplement and failed in ninth class. These were the students who had failed and the rule of that school was that any student who failed will be expelled from the school and Mahendra Dogney was also expelled from the school.

When he went to his house, people used to tease him a lot and make fun of him, later after the request of his family members, he got admission back in the school and from the same class IX, he started his studies again and after that Exactly after 2 years, he showed it by topping in the tenth.

After this , a new turn comes in Mahendra Dogney’s life, he loved dancing and singing very much since childhood, so he used to go to play Garba, where he used to keep big hair tilak etc. and he used to be the first one to enter. Once his father had come here to watch Garba, so where did people say who is this crazy boy who lives like a girl, then his father told him as soon as he came home that you leave all this. Then after leaving all these things, he focused completely on studies and after Bahravvi, he got a job in State Bank of India but he did not accept that job and came after designing.

After this, Mahendra Dogney went to one of his institutes, where a motivational seminar was going to be held. It is not worth it then it went back and cried a lot and after that it came home and sat silently. After coming home, he did not go back to that institute and used to sit at home and think what to do now.  

After this he left the house and did not come home for 1 year, he worked in the call center and at the same time started the work of mechanic because his father used to work as a mechanic, so he had a lot of experience in this work day and night. Doing work.

After this, he came back to his home and started taking care of his father’s mechanic work here, then people started taunting him that State Bank of India had a job, now do this.

Mahendra Dogney slowly worked here for two and a half years and after that once there was an argument between his father, after that he left his father’s work and paid attention to studies and another bank also got his job. But he rejected that job too and focused on studies.

After this he opened his own institute and started teaching children to people there and also Mahendra Dogney started doing seminars at many places to motivate people, similarly he opened three institutes in 6 years and Started teaching people and started motivating.  

After 6 years, at the end of 2017 , he closed all the three institutes, then people started calling him crazy, after that he bought a camera mic and kept making videos in a room for 4 months and kept putting it on his youtube channel for 4 months After putting the video continuously, a video of the 5th month went viral, which was seen in lakhs, after this video people started to be known as MD Motivation all over India, after that they kept on putting videos continuously and continuously. His videos went viral, after which he started being called in many radio FM programs, seminars and programs.

In this way, he started putting videos on YouTube and at the same time he started putting his videos on the shot video platform TikTok , which earned him more fame, now he is putting most of the short videos in Instagram account. Millions of people watch and like his videos. 

Achievements of Mahendra Dogani

Every successful person makes many struggles in his life, in the same way Mahendra Dogney [ MD Motivation ] has also tried to be successful in his life, he also listened to the taunts of people in childhood that “there is a failure” because his education session I did not like it at all but later showed people by topping it. After this he closed his three institutes at the end of 2017, after which he started making videos on YouTube by buying a camera mic.  

Mahendra Dogney [ MD Motivation ] had millions of followers on Tik Tok and he has more than 1 million followers on Instagram. Millions of people watch videos on YouTube, today their name penetrates not only in the whole country but also in foreign countries, they work to motivate people and are considered a good source of inspiration.

Mahendra Dogney [ MD Motivation ] Motivates people and young people to move forward through his youtube videos, working as a source of inspiration, motivating people, his main job is to do this work in the hearts of people. Identity maintained.  

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Girlfriend and Affairs

Mahendra Dogney is unmarried and we do not have any information about his girlfriend, we will update it soon.


Mahendra Dogney is an Indian motivational Spekar who is famously known for a powerful motivational speech. He shares his life failure stories and connects to people.

Mahendra Dogney was not a good student in his school days he failed in 8th stander and he was kicked out of school, thereafter he decided to left study but his family convinced him to continue his studies.


  • Mahendra Dogney is a simple man and loves to live a simple life.
  • He belongs to a middle-class family.
  • Mahendra was not a good student in his school day.
  • He is a very dedicated person whatever he thought to do, he did and achieved his goal.

FAQ About MD Motivation

Mahendra Dogney’s Marital Status

Mahendra Dogne is still unmarried and does not have any girlfriend.

Mahendra Dogney’s physical condition

The height of Mahendra Dodane is 5 feet 8 inches and his weight is about 72 kg. His hair color is black and his eye color is also black.

Mahendra Dogney’s journey on YouTube

Mahendra Dogne his YoutTube  Channel MD MOTIVATION Motivation Ki Aag in 2017 beginning and then they have a video of constant work for four months gone viral, which saw 6.3M logo within 15 days | Today Mahendra Dogane’s YouTube channel has more than 1.6M subscribers  . And through this channel, he is motivating millions of people.

Mahendra Dogney TikTok and

Mahendra Dogane has about 9M followers  and 230M likes  on Tiktok and more than 20M people watched one of his videos. That’s why today they  are counted among the popular TikTok stars , today they have everything, wealth and power.

Mahendra Dogney on Instagram

Mahendra Dogane has  1M+ followers on his  Instagram account, he keeps posting short motivation videos on Instagram and keeps sharing motivational posts.

Mahendra Dogney Networth

The main income source of Mahendra Dogane is YouTube channel and also he does events for motivational speech, he earns about 5-6 lakhs by combining all these.

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