Who is Technical Ripon? Story of Technical Ripon

He Guys, welcome to your friends in this article, I am going to introduce you to a successful blogger who Belong to a small village and he earns Rs. 7-12 lakhs / month today. Friends, their story will affect you very much if you are also blogging and you are not getting success in blogging, then you read their Biography of Technical Ripon in Hindi, how it is at that stage in almost one and a half years, which is a good today Even a person who does a lot of work cannot reach that point, so let’s know who it is.

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In This post you will get the information about famous Blogger Technical Ripon Including his Biography | Wiki, Age, Income, Girlfriend, Income & Much More.


This is RipoN a Blogger by Passion and Youtuber by hobby. Also an SEO Expert, Coch, Motivational Speaker and Entrepreneur.

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Ripon ShahJI

YouTuber and blogger

Biography of Ripon ShahJI? What is the story of Ripon ShahJI

Their full name is Ripon ShahJI and they do Belong from a small village in West Bengal. And have been blogging for the past five years and they have a YouTube channel on YouTube called Technical Ripon, they put the related videos related to blogging on that YouTube channel and while learning it is at a place that every blogger talks Is not When he came in the field of his blogging, he was 18 years old and has now turned 24 and at such a working age, he has made a mark of the successful blogger in his field of blogging.

Who is Technical Ripon? Story of Technical Ripon
Who is Technical Ripon? Story of Technical Ripon

Blogging Carrier 

Let me tell you that Ripon Shah has created his own office of 25 lakhs with his blogging and YouTube money and now also gives work to others as an Employee. Friends, you cannot think that you can earn so much money from blogging, friends, this is an example in front of you.

It started blogging in around 2018 and today it has more than 200 websites which today rank well on Google and generate income. Today, those blogs which are ranking in Google, some of them have blogging on Blogging, Android Phone, Social Media, Health. Today, more than 25 people work with them and some work from outside the country.

Technical Ripon Age/Biography

Real Name Ripon Sahaji
Nick NameRipon
Profession YouTuber
Date of Birth26.08.1996
Age25 (as of 2021)
ChannelTechnical RipoN
Net WorthApprox 90 Lakh
SubscribersMore than 200k+
Zodiac SignVirgo
Education10th Drop out

Family And Relationship

There is no information about his family and relationship.

Gadget By Blogging Money 

Today, Technical Ripon has two DSLRs, two Apple Laptops, a Macbook and there are many gadgets that they use in their blogging today. Used to do all his work from

Challenged Faced 

Friends, as you know that Technical Ripon Belong from a village and internet connection in the village was not right before. Apart from this, he also had electricity problems in the village. But even today, they sometimes have to face this Challenged face, sometimes a typhoon comes, so they do not have the problem of internet connection today.

Income By Blogging and YouTube 

Friends, Technical Ripon Blogging and YouTube Monthly reaches about 2 lakh, 3 lakh sometimes even 5 lakh. Friends, you probably will not believe, so I have given the link of a video below in which Technical Ripon speaks himself.

Technical Ripon YouTube Channel

Presently, he has three YouTube channels and he teaches blogging and seo related things on this channel. YouTube Channel links are given below

  • Technical Ripon YouTube Channel Link– ClickHere
  • Blogging Mafia YouTube Channel Link- ClickHere

Ripon Sahahji Update:

#2 Due to frequent leaked SEO mafia courses, Ripon Shahaji is now going to host his course on an Android, ios mobile application. And with this Ripon said that soon they will also create web applications for Microsoft Windows.

Ripon said that they will add all those features together in one application to these applications, which will facilitate all the members of the course, through this application Ripon and all the members of the course will be able to communicate with each other and videos of the course. Will be able to see

#1 Ripon Shahaji took a house of 1 crore from his blogging earnings, Ripon said that it was a part of his dream that he completed, but Ripon still lives in his old house, and Ripon Shahaji till his The new house will not shift until their new house is not completed, although the house is ready but some work is still to be done which will be completed soon.

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Interesting facts about Ripon Blogger

Ripon is a very good person and he always focuses on your works.He is selling an online Digital Marketing Course also that course price is 2k in 2020.A more interesting fact is They are Professional Blogger, Digital Marketer & Youtuber.Ripon run 200+ sites run on googles internets.He is More than 10 Adsense accounts and he takes payment also.Mainly he is focused on Affiliate Marketing because here gets more revenue.


Conclusion: Friends, hope that this article Biography of Technical Ripon in Hindi has given you Inspiration, Friends, let me tell you, if you want to become a successful blogger , then you have to work hard and do not be disappointed, then friends comment how you like this article felt.


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FAQ of Ripon

Technical Ripon Net worth?

Technical Ripon Net worth is 9-12 lakh on monthly and yearly Approx 90 lakh.

Who is Technical Ripon Blogger?

India’s famous Blogger Technical Ripon you can learn blogging from the YouTube channel in Free as other hands buys her Seomafiya Course also.

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