Who is Technical Yogi? Story of Technical Yogi Biography (Successful Youtuber )

Story of Technical Yogi in Hindi – Hello friends, welcome to all of you to learn blogging, in today’s series of biography, you will know about Technical Yogi Sir, in this article you  will get complete information about Technical Yogi Sir,

which till now It is not said that whatever words I have written in this article, all those words have been told by Technical Yogi Sir himself  , so friends, you can definitely  read Technical Yogi Biography in Hindi . In this article you  will get the complete Real Story about Technical Yogi Sir, so let’s start.

Technical Yogi Biography in Hindi _ Story of Technical Yogi
Technical Yogi Biography in Hindi _ Story of Technical Yogi

Technical Yogi Biography in Hindi | Story of Technical Yogi in Hindi

Biography of Technical Yogi in Hindi

The real name of Technical Yogi is Yogi Yogendra and he lives in the state of Rajasthan, India, He completes his education in Rajasthan itself and he has studied journalism. his wife’s name is Sandhya and also a YouTuber and her YouTube channel are Maths in second.

Introduction of Technical Yogi Sir 

His full name is Yogendra Saini and his nickname is Yogi , people know him as Technical Yogi, his popularity has come from Technical Yogi. He is a resident of Alwar, a small village in Rajasthan, his father’s name is Late Kanhaiya Lal. Technical Yogi was good in studies and since childhood he wanted to become a journalist. He was very fond of acting, poetry reading and has also worked in theater for a long time. 

He did his studies from Rajasthan itself. After 8th class, he has done all his studies through distance learning because his father had gone to heaven, there was a lot of pressure on him in the family at a young age. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Arts, his subject of choice was Philosophy. If we talk about higher education, then he has done journalism course. 

Technical Yogi Biography In Hindi

NameYogi Yogendra
Birth4 september
LocationAlwar, Rajasthan
Ages30 years
SurnameTechnical Yogi
Availability3 Silver, 1 Gold Play Buttons
professionYouTuber, Blogger
earning2.5 to 4 lakhs/month

Technical Yogi Social Media ID

Social Media AccountSocial Media IDFollowers
YouTubeTechnical Yogi1.1M
FacebookTechnical Yogi18k
TwitterTechnical Yogi18.5k

YouTube Carrier 

Technical Yogi Sir had your channel created on December 22, 2016 start of the  Technical Yogi YouTube  channel was more related videos technical and today close to the channel Lk 28M subscribers  is  , but not much information about them on YouTube in the first half Because of which the copyright strike also came on his channel, then technical yogi sir slowly took all the information about youtube and learned many things

which he did not know, he himself says that when i created a youtube channel, he Did not come to make Attractive or Clickable Thumbnail but he has learned all the things and he still says to teach new YouTuber.
He got his first payment from YouTube in the 8th month of  8300 rupees and now his earnings are in lakhs, friends, I am not saying this, this Technical Yogi sir himself has told me and today he can buy a car every month. 
Apart from this, he has another YouTube channel called Creator Guide, this is a vlog channel, but due to Corona, videos are not being uploaded on this channel. 

Biography of Technical Yogi

Technical Yogi (Yogi Yogendra) was born on 4th September in Alwar, Rajasthan. In today’s time, there are 11 lakh subscribers on his YouTube channel . And it tells about YouTube very well.

YouTube’s Tech Category is a big channel of Technical Yogi, he makes videos of Technology, Blogging, Earning and Product Unboxing on this channel.

In today’s blog post, we are going to tell you the biography of Technical Yogi, in which we are telling about his Birth, Wife, YouTube Income, Life, Whatsapp Number in this post.

Technical Yogi Sir, what do you buy from YouTube’s earnings?

Friends, Technical Yogi sir has told that you have bought many things from YouTube’s earnings, you can say that life has changed, but if you talk about big expenses, then you have bought all the equipment for video shooting with YouTube’s money, today a complete setup. is | 
Friends Technical Yogi sir started YouTube with a 10 thousand phone, at that time he did not have a single laptop or computer and today he has bought a Honda Amaze top model automatic sedan car which is 10 lakh rupees. 

Biography of Technical Yogi in Hindi

What was the problem with Technical Yogi sir when he was initially working on YouTube?

Talking about the beginning, there was a lot of trouble which every YOU-TUBER has to face as they did not have any camera nor money. Technical Yogi is from a poor family, so he did not even have a place to shoot videos because the condition of the house was very bad at that time. 

That’s why he used to go to his friend’s house and shoot videos in the light. After this, he bought a green chart paper worth Rs 5 and pasted it on the wall and started making videos by standing in front of it and used to change the background through software because of the green color.
Initially, the video quality was not good at all, they did not have any camera for 15 months, but in 15 months they had 1 lakh subscribers, after that they got a silver play button, then they also bought their new camera. 

He bought his first camera Canon 200d Right now he has 4 camera kit. 
Friends, Technical Yogi sir said that there are many other such problems which cannot be shared with people, when it comes, it is known only but he said that I never gave up and that’s why I am here today. 

Which play button does Technical Yogi sir have?

A silver and a golden play button have been found from the Technical Yogi YouTube channel. You will get to see many YouTube Play Buttons on Technical Yogi Sir’s channel, but they all belong to his team, they have only two YouTube Play Buttons of their own. 

Before coming to YouTube, what did Technical Yogi sir do and what was his income?

Before coming to YouTube, he used to work as a Journalist and Anchor in a Local Tv Channel, there he used to have his own show and his income at that time was 8 thousand, after that he himself designed the job and completely Started working on YouTube. 

Yogendra used to study day and night,

says Yogendra, when he had to work during the day to earn a living, he used to study at night. He continued his studies till graduation. After that he studied Bachelor of Journalism and today he is a double graduate. Yogendra had a passion to grow up since childhood. Finally in the year 2016, Yogendra started a YouTube channel on the advice of a friend. Although, initially he did not get any special response from the audience, but he did not lose heart. After six months, he got about 8 thousand from YouTube. Today he earns lakhs of rupees from YouTube. Apart from this, he works for many well-known companies in the country and abroad.

Some interesting Facts About Technical Yogi

  • Technical Yogi is an Indian You Tuber.
  • Technical Yogi has 1 Million subscriber on YouTube.
  • Technical Yogi Has also a another YouTube channel name is cute couple.
  • Technical Yogi Born in 14 September in Rajasthan.
  • Technical Yogi is very talented man people love his video.
  • Technical Yogi Height is 5 feet 6 inches

Technical Yogi Education

Technical Yogi Yogi Yogendra has studied journalism .

His primary and college education has also been done from Rajasthan.


Friends, hope all of you have liked this article and you  must have got motivation by reading Technical Yogi Biography in Hindi because in the early days they did not have any knowledge about YouTube but they learned all the things and today a successful YouTuber. is on the list. So friends, if you want to read this kind of biography, then every week you will get to read a new biography of different successful blogger and YouTuber, then friends, you must share this article and tell us by commenting that Story of Technical Yogi How did you like the article in Hindi  ? 

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FAQ About Technical Yogi

Technical Yogi Channal per Subscribe kitana hai?

Ans. Technical Yogi Channal 1.1M Subscribe hai.

What is the income of technical Yogi?

Technical Yogi earns an estimated $241.14 thousand a year.

The Technical Yogi YouTube channel gets more than 133.97 thousand views every day. Monetized YouTube channels collect income by displaying ads for every thousand video views.

What is the Technical Yogi Age?

Ans. Technical Yogi Age 30 Years hai.

What is Technical Yogi Contact Number?

Years. N / A

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