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Welcome Friends, All Of You In Another Inspiring Interview, So Today I Want To Introduce You All To Zeeshan Shaikh Ji Who Is A Youtuber As Well As An Engineer. If You Also Like To Read Books, Then You Must Read Today’s Post Seeken Interview Because,

In Today’s Post, What Are The Importance Of Reading Books, You Will Get To Know In This Post, How You Can Earn Money By Reading Books. 

We all want to become better in life and wanted to grow in our life but in this busy life, we don’t have that much time to read books.

Most of us wanted to read slef help books but the problem is that we don’t have enough time to read the whole book.

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So, in this article, we will tell you a youtube channel through which you can get the entire book summary in just a few minutes of time in a well-structured life such that you can become better in life and grow in life.

Seeken (Zeeshan Shaikh) - Age, Birthday, Wiki, Family, Bio, Facts, And Much More
Seeken (Zeeshan Shaikh) – Age, Birthday, Wiki, Family, Bio, Facts, And Much More
Youtube channel nameSeeken
Subscribers3.16 million subscribers
Other channelsZeeshan Shaikh, Seeken Jigyasa
Started inDec 29, 2015
Youtube income$1.4k – $22k per month (minimum 1 lakh rupees INR) (According to the social blade)
Net worthHe’s a Millionaire (Crorepati)
Real nameZeeshan Shaikh
Marital statusMarried
EducationCompleted his B. Tech in Electrical Engineering
Age (Zeeshan Shaikh age)27 years old (1 May 1994)
Email address[email protected]
Seeken AppOnline Video Books
InstagramSeeken Instagram
FacebookSeeken Facebook
TwitterSeeken Twitter
LinkedinSeeken Linkedin

Who and what is Seeken?


Seeking is one of the biggest channels on youtube who provide books summary in a simple and understandable way for everyone such that whoever wants to grow and learn in life can do it when they find some spare time by watching his videos.

The main purpose of the videos in his channel is to make the life of people better than they use to before.

And the owner of the channel who is Zeeshan Shaikh is fond of reading books and reading books.

That’s why now his passion o reading books is now becoming his profession and he’s now a millionaire.

Who Is Zeeshan Shaikh? Bio, Wiki, Age, Income of Seeken YouTube Channel Founder

Zeeshan Shaikh Is A Youtuber Whose Youtube Channel Name Is Seeken , And There Is 2.29 Million Subscribers On This Channel (February 2020) And Along With This He Also Has A Blog Seeken.Org On Which You Can Learn Many Things. They Make Books Summary Videos On This Channel, That Is, People Who Do Not Feel Like Reading Books And They Want To Know About That Book, What Is Written In That Book, Then If You Also Like This Video If You Like To Watch Then You Must Watch Their Channel Once.

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How the Seeken youtube channel came into existence?

The owner of the channel Zeeshan Shaikh father (Who is a taxi driver) wants him to pursue engineering because then he can get a job that can make his life better so his father took a loan to make him an engineer.

So in 3 years of taking engineering in the electrical field, he understood one thing which is that engineering isn’t for him and he didn’t have any passion for it.

But to support his father he had to do something so in search of his making money he found the book which is Rich dad poor dad which Zeeshan Shaikh says had changed his life.

So, he started his youtube channel following his passion for life and after some point in time he started getting positive comments and money from his channel so after that, he continued his youtube channel as a full-time career.

And now he had over 3 million subscribers on youtube.

Which is the first book Seeken (Zeeshan Shaikh)?

The first book of Seeken or Zeeshan Shaikh is: Rich Dad Poor Dad

Which is the website of Seeken?

The official website of Seeken is:

What is the meaning of Seeken?

The meaning of Seeken in English is Finding. (Meaning that fond of more knowledge )

What’s the name of Seeken podcast?

The name of the Seeken podcast is: Seeken (Listed in Spotify)

Which software seeken use to make his videos?

The software that Seeken was using to make his videos were: Videoscribe

Here is some best video animation software that can you use to make videos like Seeken:

  • videomakerfx
  • mysimpleshow
  • truscribe
  • easysketchpro
  • rawshorts
  • Vyond
Recent Posts

What’s the new startup or company of Seeken?

The new company or startup that Seeken had recently launched is an Online video books.

Where you can purchase your online video book and read chapter by chapter through animated videos and it’s very affordable if you are one of those who want to do something big ln life.

What are the courses that Seeken offers?

The course that Seeken offers is: Passion Course

In this course, you can learn how to find your passion in life and how you can make your passion your profession and earn money from it.

Seeken Channel Founder’s Interview:

Satish:- Zeeshan Ji, What Are You Doing Now?

Zeeshan Shaikh (Seeken):- So Satish Bhai, I Have Three Youtube Channels At This Time Whose Names Are Seeken, Seeken Jigyasa And Zeeshan Shaikh, So This Is My Three Youtube Channels And Also My One Course “Find Your Passion” As Now There Are Many People Who Do Not Even Know What They Should Do In Their Life Or Many People Do Not Understand In Which Field They Should Go.

So A Course Has Been Created For Those People In Which You Will Be Able To Know How To Find Your Passion, So This Is My Course.

And After All These Things There Is Another Mission #Plant1Plant In Which We Together Will Plant 1 Crore Trees In India. Because All Of You Must Know That How Important Trees Are For Our Life, Then We Also Have A Mission In Which Many People Are Supporting Us.

  • Satish:- So You Are Doing All These Things Yourself That You Have A Team. 

Zeeshan Shaikh (Seeken):-  So As I Have Just Told You About All Your Work, It Is A Bit Difficult To Do So Much Work Alone, Then We Have Five People To Do These Work And Also Get Freelancer People To Work For Content Writing. .

  • Satish:- What Are The Sources Of Your Revenue, And How Much Money Do You Earn? (Smiling)

Zeeshan Shaikh (Seeken):-   So If I Talk About My Revenue Sources, Then I Had Just Told You That Youtube Channel And Then Seeken.Org Where I Sell My Course, And My Income Is By Combining These Things. -7 Figure Ie (8-10) Goes Up To Lakhs.

  • Satish:- You Would Like To Say Something About Those People Who Do Not Like To Read Books Or Else It Seems That There Are So Many Pages In This Book, Who Will Take A Lot Of Time In This. 

Zeeshan Shaikh (Seeken):-  Yes, Then See, First Of All We Should Know Why It Is Important To Read. So The Answer Is That If We Read Books, Then Our Thinking Power Increases, Everyone Has Their Own Dream World Like What They Want In Their Life, Then This Book Is The One That Gives You All Those Things. Can Provide.

And Those Who Feel That It Takes Time To Read A Book, Then You Can See Those Things In The Audio Book Or My Video Where I Tell All The Things In Book Summary I.E. That Book Short.

  • Satish:- When Did You Start Reading The Book And Why?

Zeeshan Shaikh (Seeken):- I Was Watching Some Videos Related To Business On Youtube Itself, So All The Videos I Saw And All The Videos That Were Told About Business Man Had One Thing In Common And That Was That All The People I Used To Read Books, Since Then I Understood That There Is Something Special In This Book.

Whose Video I Was Watching Told About 3 Book That You Can Start With This Book And That 3 Book Was “Rich Dad Poor Dad” “The Richest Man In Babylon” “The Thing I Learned In Boating School” And When I Read The First Book And Since Then My Life Started Changing And I Understood How Important It Is To Read The Book.

  • Satish: – When Did You Think That The Video You Are Making With This Book Summary Will Last For A Long Time. 

Zeeshan Shaikh (Seeken):-  If You Want To Do Something Good In Your Life, Then You Can Add Value To The Lives Of As Many People As You Can, And The Same Thing Happened To Me When I Read The First Book. There Had Been A Lot Of Changes In My Life Too, So I Had Thought That I Should Do Whatever I Can To Add Value To The People And People Started Liking The Videos.

So I Hope You Have Liked This Interview Very Much, If You People Have Liked The Post, Then You Can Share This Post With All Your Friends So That Some Value Can Be Added In Their Life Too, So Today’s Post Is Just That. Thanks To All Of You.

Financial Position

Net WorthEstimated 3 crore INR +.
Income5 Lakh + / mo
Family ClassMiddle Class

Lesser known Facts about Zeeshan Sheikh

  • He was born in a poor family in Mumbai and lives in a chawl.
  • His Father was a Rikhaw Driver.
  • He is an Electronic and communicational Engineer.
  • He is on a mission tp plant 1 Crore trees.
  • He belives in sharing Knowledge.
  • Now, he Got a Sponsorship in 7 Figure INR, means in more then 10 lakh ruppes.
  • He Likes to dance in his college.

Friends & Family

Fathernot known
Mothernot known
Siblingsnot known
Boyfriendnot known
Familynot known

Friends, Family and Relationship


SchoolSt. joseph high school Kurla, Mumbai
CollegeRizvi College of Engineering
DegreeElectronic & Communication Engineering
QualificationEngineer turned Youtuber

Physical Stats

HeightIn feet 5’7”
In meter 1.58
Weight55-65 kg
Eye ColorBlack


  1. Does Seeken know cooking?
    Not Known
  2. Does Seeken smoke?
    Not Known
  3. Does Seeken drinks alcohol?
    Not Known
  4. Does Seeken go to the gym?
  5. What are the hobbies of Seeken ?
    Reading, photography, learning, traveling, internet surfing and to name a few.
  6. Who is the father of Seeken ?
    Seeken ‘ father name is NA.
  7. Who is the mother of Seeken ?
    Seeken ‘ mother name is NA.
  8. Where is Seeken from?
    , India.
  9. When is the birthday of Seeken ?
    , .
  10. What is the age of Seeken ?
    As of 2022, Seeken ’ age is .
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So, In this article, we are going to talk about the owner & founder of Seeken Youtube Channel Zeeshan Shaikh, actually, his real name is Kudbuddin Shaikh, read till the end to know how a boy of a rikhawala became a Crorepati at the age of 25.

He was born in a poor middle-class family in Mumbai, he says he lived in a very small chawl in his whole childhood. He always fond of freedom and listens to peoples word to be sucessful, he is an average student and during his 11th and 12th exams we was busy doing timepass with friends.

Due to t this, he got poor marks in his exams after that he decided to do engineering to make his career, but his marks were stopping him to get a good college without donation, rather than giving donation he decided to do a Diploma, and done 2 years of Diploma and after that joined an engineering college.

During his engineering, he got to know there is very little chance of getting a job and if they get a job they were paid very little, so he started searching on google how to be successful, slowly got to know that all successful people have a habit to read books.

He started reading books and 1st one is Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robbert Kiyosaki, after reading the complete book he realized that he can be successful, this is that knowledge that very few peoples have, and you can get to know all your answers in books.

Then slowly he is getting more interested and reading books, now he has to share his knowledge, so he choose Youtube to share his knowledge of books, he started sharing Summaries of books that help people to grow also saves time to know about the book in a short time.

He created a good business sharing this on Youtube, many people comes to criticize him but he continued and now he earns lakhs through Youtube ads revenue and also through sponsorships.

He completed some of his major dreams of buying a house in Mumbai, traveling all over India, started a business where he crossed 1 crore of revenue in very little time.


So, this is all for the Seeken | Biography | Income | Networth | Age.

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